Saturday, March 14, 2009

Afternoons In The Fast Lane

Since retiring, my afternoons are just a tad bit laid back.

When I worked, I spend my lunch hour doing stuff like paying bills, running errands, and sometimes I actually ate lunch. Once a week I did important stuff like getting pedicures mentoring little children, or donating blood. Every so often I would actually sleep work at my desk.

Since retiring, things have changed ever so slightly. Now, I try to go out to lunch at least once a week. I do my Friday Matinee Reviews.....hey wait, where did this week go? OK, so sometimes I do my Friday Matinee on Mondays.

JJ gets so lonely during the day and misses his Mommy and sister and brother, so I try to swing by and take him for a ride, and then play for a while....which always involves plenty of kisses and treats. If his sister is home, I'll let her do the driving around the immediate neighborhood. Hi State Farm Agent!

I take up the slack for my daughter on chauffeuring the kids home or to work, or maybe even a play date with Grandma J a dinner at Chili's or Cheddars.

This week I've done some afternoon baking because Ree, over at Pioneer Woman, invited some bloggers to come to her ranch and bake with Barbarella Bakerella. I was snubbed decided to virtually play along and bake with them...sort of. Besides, today we had plenty of rain, which gives me a good excuse to stay in and get creative.

Besides my daughter and grandkids, I have some other human contact here in Texas. Yes, I do...and I'm not just talking about Gary at ATT, Dr. Bob or the cable guy.

I have a few semi friends here at the Compound, we might do something once a month or just visit. But really most people here are old. I have two friends outside the Compound and get this! All four of them are named Michelle!!

Michelle #1 is my daughter's neighbor across the street. She's an RN and works long hours. Her husband is deployed so I help out when needed, picking her daughter up at the high school.

Michelle #2 is a baseball mom, and her son is on my grandson's team. She is a new friend and might be reading this...."hi Michelle". I'm not sure she knows she's my friend.

Michelle #3 is another baseball Mom who I' have known for almost two years now. She and her husband own a T-Shirt printing shop and she also moonlights at Starbucks. What I really love about Michelle #3 is the fact that she calls me to come get her free pound of coffee every so often because she doesn't drink coffee. She's also a fun person who likes to go to bingo every six months.....a real plus? She's not old. Hi Michelle.

Michelle #4 is this gal. She has been doing my pedicures and manicures since before I moved to Texas! I used to get my nails done on my visits to Texas, and it's possible Michelle is the reason I moved here. Not likely, but possible. If you can't tell, Michelle doesn't want her picture taken because she's in a witness protection program very shy. Hi Michelle!

Yesterday, I went to see Michelle #4 at the nail salon for my bi-weekly pedicure.

She likes me to soak for two hours because I won't let her use the cheese grater on my heals. So, I soak until the blue stuff melts away the callouses.

See? Being retired is exhausting! And just so you know....I don't watch Oprah, Ellen or Dr. Phil.

NOTE: Just so you know....commenter loxandlo is my old boss...not that she's old, because she's's just that I have to clarify, any goofing off or slacking was never, ever done while I worked in Geomatics. I waited until she retired, and I went to Administration...we all know that's where the gravy train is. And now we are both retired and good friends.


Living on the Spit said...

I just hate when P Dub snubbs us!!! :( But at least, you got to bake some cool cake pops on your own so you can be an even cooler Grandma J. Just don't fall asleep with the oven on.

I am in administration at my work place and I am desperately looking for that gravy train!

The Incredible Woody said...

With them all named Michelle, you don't have to worry about calling one the wrong name;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Admin is definitely a gravy train in government, esp. federal government. Maybe I'm speaking from experience, maybe I'm not.

That sure is a lot of Michelle's. I think my favorite one is the one who may not know she's your friend.

Baking with Barbarella sound fun, and I don't even like to bake.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I cant wait to retire!

AirmanMom said...

Life is good!

Anonymous said...

Hello this is Michelle #2...every since you gave me your card for your blog ive been on everyday...I am a friend of Kristie, Aaron, John, Trea and the wonderful JJ

Chris said...

Great post! I try not to think about retirement too often since it seems like forever until its possible.

Jason, as himself said...

It certainly does sound exhausting! Maybe I should just never retire.

Perhaps if you quit spending so much time scouring the state of Texas for new friends named Michele, you'd have more time and energy for relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandma J, this is Michelle #1. I just want you toknow that I so appreciate your picking up the kids for me and I have been trying to catch up with you as I have a Crate & Barrel gift card for you. I am going to give it to Kristie to give to you. Thanks sooooooo much..........Michelle Green

Treasia said...

I must have that blue stuff.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Oh, that sounds like a great afternoon!

loxandlo said...

You worked pretty darn hard enough of the time that any slacking off would have been ignored! Well, there was that time you started to light up and kick back before picking up the phone.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't have ONE friend named Michelle. Now I know why. You have cornered the market. Darnit.
Your week sounds glorious to me. way better than that last gravy train you were living on/in/at.

What would JJ do without you?
Your life in Texas is fabulous. You are one lucky gal!!!

hollywood said...

Aren't you driving through soon? I am penciling in appointments because I could have to ditch some (non) important work for coffee!

hollywood said...

Aren't you driving through soon? I am penciling in appointments because I could have to ditch some (non) important work for coffee!

M said...

I have 9 years til retirement...but who's counting! I just hope I am a fun as you when I retire.

Mental P Mama said...

Did you make those cake balls????

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

You GO Girl!
I should be as active as you!
Seriously! :)
And the only time I feel like baking is in the I have a few months to go yet! :)

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Wait, did Michelle #2 say you have cards for your blog?

I love pedi's just for the foot massage. Love massages and will take whatever I can get:)

Life with Kaishon said...

I thought your feet PRE pedicure were perfect. Not only can you decorate with fondant, babysit JJ, carpool children AND do movie reviews, you manage to keep your toes looking perfect for 2 weeks at a time. Un. freakin. believeable!

I am changing my name to Michelle immediately because I want to be
your friend. Oh yes I do!

Anonymous said...

janet said...
Asking Grandma J another question: WHAT THE HECK ? ? ?

"I have two friends outside the Compound and get this! All four of them are named Michelle!!"

You must need a nap.

Grandma J said...

Hollywood, My travel plans for spring break are up in the air with conflicting schedules. It looks like I won't be traveling through NM until maybe June. I'll give you a heads up.

Janet...I know what you mean. don't you just hate the "new math"?