Saturday, March 14, 2009

Step Into My Kitchen

As you know,
Pioneer Woman had a contest, inviting four bloggers to her ranch to cook with the infamous Barbarella Bakerella. I missed the cut.

I've been following Ree since October of 2006, and I can remember getting so excited when she'd have a name that photo contest for a $25 gift card out of her junk drawer. And then over the years she became so dang popular, and her blog blossomed into cooking, and remodeling, and castrations, and birthing of calves. Her blog is so world reknown, and her contest prizes are now over the moon! But I don't go gaga over Mixmasters and Porsches.

Cooking with Ree on the ranch was a contest I wanted to win. But I didn't, so I decided to be there in a virtual sense.

Wanna join me?

We made cupcake ball things...These are the ones I my humble not so upscale kitchen.

Let me give you a few step by step photos. I know you want actual lessons but it would be less that tactful for me to cut and paste the whole thing from
The Pioneer Woman's blog. Ummm, yeah, I could do that for you, but really? You can get a much better tutorial from P-Dub herself. Let's just pretend we were at the big bash at the ranch.

These are my know, the end result of crumbling up cake and mixing it with frosting. Then you make little balls by rolling dough with your hands...and refrigerate while you go wash your car, but then if it rains you take a nap.

I wanted to make some special treats for St. Patrick's Day, so I used green and white melt away chocolate. This is what they look like after you drop them in melted green chocolate. Mine are a bit messy and crooked because I spiced up the process by pretending I was playing beer pong.

After the green stuff hardens up, you take the little cupcake papers off and dip the top part in melted white chocolate.

I then make little shamrocks out of fondant. I have never used fondant, and could have easily made shamrocks with plain old green icing using a decorating bag. But....I bought the fondant so I could pretend I won the "come to the ranch contest follow along with Ree and the winners.

First I rolled little bitty balls with my fingers and spaced them like this.

Then I smashed them ever so gently with the new fondant smasher I bought in case I won the contest.

This is what the ended up looking like when finished. A bit on the sloppy side, but hey......

I wrapped them with love, and I will deliver them to my daughter tomorrow. She will probably bring them to work and tell her boss she made them....or not.


Living on the Spit said...

You did an excellent job...and really creative too! The next time she has a contest, we should have a write in vote for you.

philly said...

Marvelous job !! Who needs PW? Let's all go to Grandma J's 1!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You get my vote GJ!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Yes, I agree - when are YOU going to have a Let's Cook with Grandma J. at the Compound Contest?

Also, these look incredible. Did you taste them? For some reason I am having flashbacks of that last really cute thing you baked, but that someone didn't like...a grandson, I believe, and it was fortune cookies, that's it.

Anyway, good job. Put my name in the hat for the contest.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can relate to you much more than the pioneer woman...she is too perfect. You are just right for me.
I love your cute and you really are talented in the kitchen.
Can I put in an order for a few dozen????

M said...

Your blog is waaaayy better! You're twice as funny and you don't pretend crap doesn't happen.

...and those little St. Patty's Day treats are the coolest!

Anonymous said...

Those are too fancy and full of sugar.

Can you make a shepard's pie?


Chris said...

Those look yummy!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are absolutely, positively AMAZING. I love your cupcake balls. They are almost too pretty to eat. Did you try one? Were they delish? I can't believe you can make fondant shapes! Sometimes I wonder if there is anything you can't do. : ).

Jason, as himself said...

I am far too intimidated by The Pioneer Woman to cook along with her.

The Chocolate Lady said...

Ever since PW commercialized her site, I stopped visiting...too hard for me to follow.

I love your cooking segment and think the cupcakes look so cute. I think I got my baking/decorating gene from you (who else would I get it from????)

Im now doing monthly baking classes at my house, will put them up on my new blog. Wait til you see all you can do with the tempering'll never use waxy, fake-chocolate wafers again.

Maybe Ill get you a tempering machine for your birthday!!

Happy St. Pats!