Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life is a Meme-ingful Experience

Grandma Nina tagged me for this Mama Moomoo Meme..
I have probably answered most if not all of these questions, and I can hear you screaming...

..."please, spare us any more details about life in the Compound JJ and Phil, or your failed diet and cancelled trips to Colorado and Las Vegas".

I promise to share new and exciting details about my life as seen through the warped mind of a retired public servant who has no idea what she's talking about. Stage II?

Here is what Grandma Nina wants to know:

What are your current obsessions? mean besides blogging? Chicken wings.

Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?

I like to hang out in pj's or yoga pants. When I go to church or out to eat I were pj's or yoga pants casual clothes.

Last dream you had?

I dreamed that my first husband came to visit our daughter here in Texas, but she moved, or he couldn't find her, so he came over my place and wanted to wait here for her. Aren't dreams scary?

Last thing you bought?

I bought chicken wings Freedom Stamps the day before the two cent rate increase. I had to drive eight miles each way to buy them so I'm not sure I saved anything.

What are you listening to?

Huh? Oh, music? Andrea Borceli

Favorite holiday spots?
Home...if your talking Christmas. The beaches of So. CA will always be my favorite place to be.

Reading right now?
The Yankee Years, Joe Torre

Four words to describe yourself.

Spiritual, shy, silly and short....oh wait, it's not S week?

Guilty pleasure?

Ice Cream, and more ice cream, and maybe a slot machine or blackjack table.

Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak?

I love people watching, and laugh when they fart do things when they think no one is looking.

Best spring thing to do?

Plant flowers, or buy fresh cut flowers along with my other produce in the market every week.

Favorite drink?
Coffee and water. Although, I love a Fruitista from Taco Bell on occasion.

Favorite ever film?
I don't have a favorite, and I don't watch movies more than once. I do love nonfiction movies the best. Since there aren't many nonfiction movies produced, I will settle for a good comedy.

Care to share some wisdom?
Wisdom from Grandma J? Just be who you are, and love your children and grandchildren, and let them know you love them. Don't play favorites, unless it's the dog.... everyone will be jealous but that's OK.

Something you are looking forward to?
Outside of my current trip to the VA blogfest in July, I like to make every day special, especially today. I don't focus on long term stuff like grandkids graduating and getting married because, hello.....that makes me that much older, and I don't want to waste today planning tomorrow.

What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?
I don't eat "strange" ever. The very reason I had to turn down being on Survivor was because of the food issues. Once back in the early 80's someone gave me a piece of dog beef jerky and I ate it, thinking it was real beef jerky. Fool Grandma J once, shame on you, fool Grandma J twice, you're a goner shame on her.

One wish?

For world peace and off-shore drilling.

Favorite TV Show?

Forever and ever, it's Big Brother. Do not expect me to be at a ball game, wedding, funeral (not even my own) when Big Brother 11 starts in July. I know it's the lamest reality show, but I love it and go through terrible withdrawals when each season ends.

Now, I'm supposed to tag six people to do this meme. I'm not good at choosing people to do it, so please feel free to pick it up and make it your own. Let me know so I can learn something about you.

Please go visit Grandma Nina's blog. She blogs about her family, home, quilting, knitting, and life in Pennsylvania. Thank you, Grandma Nina for thinking of me.


heartshapedhedges said...


mdvelazquez said...

If I'm in the house, I'm wearing pajamas.

My guilty pleasure is cheese. I would eat it 24/7 if I could.

I'm gagging over the jerky. I may gag all day.

Pat Jenkins said...

i want more memes from grandma j... this was great!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


Hold the presses.

You turned down being on Survivor? How is it possible this is the first I've heard of this?

Second, you ate dog beef jerky?

Once I stop laughing I might come back and read this again. There are so many nuggets of new information hidden in here.

Karen said...

What a complex person you are!! Great new tidbits about you. I'm thinking I might give this a whirl. Will let you know!!

Big Hair Envy said...

When do you want to meet in Vegas? I'm a sucker for penny slots;)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I scream for ice cream too!

I cannot believe I missed JJ's picture on your wall yesterday! I bet that makes the grandkids jealous!

Grandma J said...

Ok, let me slightly adjust one of my answers. When I said I turned down being on Survivor, what I meant was, I didn't apply because if they chose me I would have to turn it down.

Nina Knox said...

I loved your answers and your wit. That was fun, huh? And thanks so much for introducing me to your "friends".

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love all your beef jerky? yummy.
the survivor commmnet? priceless.

I have a bone to pick with you know I don't watch the news or read the paper...I expect to get all my important updates from YOU. YOU did not tell me about the stamps price increase. I am so what am I going to do? buy 2 cent stamps????
You have to do better by keeping me up to date on these improtant topics. Really.

Jen said...

Oh my goodnes...I am still in the closet about Watching Big Brother. :D
great meme!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with heartshapedhedges, SHY???

I would have loved to be there when you ate that dog jerky.


Mental P Mama said...

I love getting to know people like this. But let me just ask you this: do you like chicken wings?

Life with Kaishon said...

I can never learn too much about you : ). So, I would never have guessed that you are shy. You seem super extroverted via the blog world. But what do I know? I am going to try to watch Big Brother so I can understand your fascination. Do you know what show I can't get enough of? The Real Housewives. OH MY GOSH! I just can not believe that real humans act like that, Sort of sickening!

Grandma J said...

Suz, if you would buy Freedom Stamps instead of those cutsey ones with flowers, birds and bees, you wouldn't have to buy 2 cent stamps. The Freedom stamps are always current 1st class postage. :))

Rebeckah, HSH lives in the snooty town with the Real Housewives.

Jason, as himself said...

You have GOT to make sure Pumpkin Delight reads the one about wasting today planning for tomorrow.

And I love chicken wings, too. If they're boneless. Does that count?

heartshapedhedges said...

Rebekah, trust me, Grandma J is EXTREME EXTROVERSION INCARNATE....she will walk up and talk to anyone, sing on the streets, approach people at a restaurant and ask for a bite of their food, comment on people's outfits (good or bad).....their isnt a shy cell in her body.