Monday, August 31, 2009


Brought to you this week by the letter.....

For SPAM! No, not the kind that infects your computer.

The king of mystery meat......this kind.......

There should be a warning before posting a picture like this! But really, how would you know what this succulent pork product looked like fresh out of the can.

In case you are wondering.....Grandma J can only eat SPAM when it's fried to a crisp, and only once every ten years or less.

SPAM comes in a plethora of flavors. I'm sure the word variety is more appropriate that the word plethora...but y'all know how much I love the word plethora.

Check out this plethora of sandwiches you can whip up with SPAM!

I love this ad! Mostly because I loved George Burns and Gracie Allen! And of course nothing goes better with Spam than Jello...yellow Jello.

This ad is probably from 50's when most women didn't have a car at their disposal during the week. But they probably had plenty of Spam....and that was not cool.

Don'tcha love this ad? When grandma J was growing up she used to wonder where all these families lived. The families whose mom's whipped up nice platters for lunch, because she wanted their kids to be her best friends. Rita never called us G-Men when she handed us our PB&J sandwiches....but once in a while I think I heard her say G-D.....maybe.

Do you need a fresh idea for your next Halloween costume?

I almost didn't have the guts to post this picture....emphasis on the word almost.

Who knew there was a SPAM-Mobile? People line up for free samples....something Little Oscar might want to consider with his Wiener-Mobile.

Now that Grandma J has peaked your interest in might want to plan your next family vacation with the SPAM Museum in mind.

Visit the Spam website to learn more about Spam, or maybe shop for kitchenware, toys or apparel...seriously!

Please head on over to see more S words at A to Z Mondays. And, how about joining us as we work our way backwards through the alphabet?


Deb said...

Hawaiians are Spam crazy! I will admit, I eat it once a year!

Unknown said...

I use to eat Spam...and Phil loves it, but it is not on my clean eating list...I don't even think it is on my dirty eating list.

Always love reading your posts! They always make me laugh.

pugCrzzzzy said...

hey just so ya know Jeff is no longer HOH, it's kevin!!

The Chocolate Lady said...

Happy Birthday Mom!!

The kids will be calling soon, and they each picked something out for you that should be on it's way.....


Jen said...

Happy Monday Grandma J.
Meat? in a can. yum. not.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the Burns & Allen picture. That probably isn't yellow jello. It's the nasty goop that comes out of the can of Spam.

Looks like it might be your umteenth birthday. Cheers.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

S is for the sweetest Grandma J in blogsphere!
HAPPY BIRHTDAY GJ! And thats no Spam! We love you here in Virginia! <><
Hugs and kisses from NNG,Cdub and Little T

Daryl said...

Too funny .. and now I can hear Monty Python and their Spam Spam Spam song

Busy Bee Suz said...

Only you could make so much out of so little.:)
I did eat spam as a kid, I thought it was gourmet food. My Mom never called me G-man either, but I heard GD plenty.
You crack me UP!!!!

Happy Birthday GJ!!!! I hope your day rocks, just like YOU!!!

Linda said...

Is it your Birthday? Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Maybe you can have a fried, crispy, spam sandwich for supper. We used to eat all the time. My grandsons love it.

Somebody mentioned Hawaii...they are the number 1 consumers of Spam!

Keeper Of All Things said...

I don't eat spam anymore I just lick it for the flavor,and directly flush it down the toilet. Saves me to trouble of chewing.

Lou said...

you have made me laugh until the tears messed up my mascara!!..and I was on the way out the door..
but JUST had to peek one more time at who visited my beach pics..
anyway..I am now a follower of YOU!!!
♥sunny smiles are optional at my place!!!

Mental P Mama said...

It's your birthday????? Happy Happy Happy!!! And Spam makes me queasy.

Angel Mama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And thank you for a funny blog today - I needed something to make me laugh. I actually like Spam, but haven't had it in years. Now I have to go to Food Lion to get some. Love the "Spam Man" you made!

Enjoy your special day!!

Minerva said...

My mother used to serve up SPAM once in a while. Lot of salt in that stuff. I love the Monty Python song.(Spam,spam,spam,spam...)

Anonymous said...

I think it's been 45 years since I tasted Spam but I STILL remember.

Ben said...

Always wondered what part(s) of the pig went into that stuff. But we ate it! The ads remind me of combing through My grandparents' old National Geographics. I believe those ads were in there!

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

That spam man made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Anonymous said...

This Minnesota girl is delurking to comment. Never could bring myself to taste the stuff,although every few years my husband buys a can thinking he would like to eat it. I've learned to write the purchase date on the can and then 2 years later when it's still unopened, I can throw it away! We did go to the Spam museum a few years ago when it was still in the mall in Austin (MN). Our Christmas picture that year was taken in front of the museum. The entrance was a giant Spam can. As we Minnesotans say, "Ish".
Sheila in MN

Unknown said...

Get out of the city! A spam museum! And a spam sculpture?????!??!!??!?! That is craziness : )

I would love to visit. Nothing screams GOOD TIME like Spam! I can't imagine a museum dedicated to it : )

I am glad you posted this! At our local thrift shop they have a HUGE collection of ads from magazines from the 50's. Is there any in particular you are interested? The collection just came in and there are literally THOUSANDS and thousands of ads!

Jason, as himself said...

I used to be obsessed with Spam. I owned a Spam t-shirt, even.

But that little guy made out of pure Spam made my stomach flip over.

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday GJ!!! I hope you were fussed over and celebrated like you deserve!

We had a can of Spam in our Minnesota display in the Kindergarten's USA museum at International Day last year. Then I donated it to the food bank, because nobody wanted to eat it in my house.

Karen B.

Pat Jenkins said...

great research as always grandma j!!... i have never had spam, sorry but this post still hasn't convienced me to try it!!!

Hula Hank said...

I don't think that I have ever once had Spam...

But I am thinking that if I can get ahold of a can, I might actually try it for fun.

After all is so versatile. Look at all those spamwiches one can make... it looks great on a tapas platter and I cannot think of anything more yummy that a giant plate of Spam with a side of aspic.

I wonder if that is spam aspic?

Actually I have had aspic on several occassions and still don't understand the attraction, but possibly if is was Spam aspic.

Hmmmm... but then again maybe I won't rush the experience... I mean, I have to have something to live for.

hollywood said...

Spam...bad childhood memories. haha. I ran away when I was 5 to the neighbors house w/all my underwear and record player because my mother was making Spam with lemon juice squeezed on it for dinner.

big hair envy said...

NOW I understand why Crusty treated you to Mexican food for dinner last night....HAPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Now, about that Spam. If I NEVER eat it again, it will be too soon. Grandma used to fry it up and we used to scarf it down...with lots of mayo and cheese, of course!!! I cannot imagine why we liked it...but we also liked potted meat. GAH!

Anonymous said...

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- Daniel