Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life Comes At You Fast

Yesterday, Grandma J tried to avoid the subject of birthdays, but someone always let's the cat out of the bag. Then the fun begins with a barrage of wonderful gifts, emails, blog comments and cards full of birthday wishes. The door bell never stopped ringing........oh wait, Grandma J doesn't have a doorbell, but she does have ringing in her ears when she gets overly excited.

So let me personally say Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes for many more years of good health insurance and happiness. I know wealth should be in there too, but we gave up on that part of birthday wishes a long time ago.

Here is a taste of what the last half of the day was like. Because the first half was spent lounging in jammies and playing Bejeweled.

Once Grandma J got moving, she picked up her granddaughter for her eye appointment and new glasses. These glasses remind me of the ones she wore in second grade.

Then it was off to pick up the mail....and look what Grandma J got.....

My Colorado cowboys, Ty and Zachy, gave me this really cool gift card to the movie theatre!

The picture is one of the three of us in San Antonio Texas just a few weeks ago! It says: Happy Birthday, Grandma Deluxe

Then it was off to En Fuegos for a TexMex dinner with my daughter and grandkids, who gave me this special surprise.

I love getting huge chocolate covered strawberries! Yes, I shared...everyone got just one.

Thank you, pretty girl for the wonderful dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I appreciate all you do even after a long day at work. Oh and A-Ron...peek-a-boo, I see you!

An extra special treat was reading all the funny comments about Spam! I have to tell you, the one that cracked me up the most was the one by Hollywood (who doesn't have a blog). I'm copying it here because it's just too funny:

hollywood said...
Spam...bad childhood memories. haha. I ran away when I was 5 to the neighbors house w/all my underwear and record player because my mother was making Spam with lemon juice squeezed on it for dinner.

Oh Hollywood, please start a blog!!


Mental P Mama said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful day. And, yes, Hollywood does need a blog--taking your underwear and a record player to run away is a sign that this is a fun person;)

The Chocolate Lady said...

glad you had a great bday.....you are getting several gifts from us....look for them! The kids each sent something, and then your chocolate goodies are on their way.

Thanks to those that ordered Dove products, they allowed Grandma J to earn extra birthday treats. :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

So glad you had a great birthday GJ! Chocolate covered strawberries and Texmex...what else could a girl ask for??
Hollywood...blogshere is waiting!

Living on the Spit said...

So glad you had an awesome birthday!!! What fun....but you deserve all that and so much more. Here's a wish for many, many more! You are very loved.

Daryl said...

Sounds to me like a perfect day!xo

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad you had a good day. I thought you might go for some mexican food!!!!
Personalized gift cards? jealous!!!
I love Hollywood's comment too. Blog needed!!!

Angel Mama said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your day! Those strawberries look very good.

And, yes, Hollywood, you need to start a blog... glad you took your underwear!!

The Incredible Woody said...

Man, I SO missed the boat! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

Pat Jenkins said...

ahhh grandma j i am sooo sorry i missed your birthday.. well i will wish you an early happy birthday for next year so it wont happen again!... he he.... never a day older only a day wiser!

Caution Flag said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds and looks like it was a wonderful day.

Spam is BIG stuff with the Boy Scouts around here. It's always given as a prize. The part I really don't understand is that my son always hopes he will win.

Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Grandma J!!!!!
Chocolated covered strawberries-you must have been a good girl.
Don't miss mine....it's today. LOL :D

Anonymous said...

I think you can recycle the gift card and add to it! Glad you liked it :D
Kelly and Boys

Cassie said...

Happy belated B-day to you GramaJ!! You bring laughter in to our life and we appreciate you!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Those strawberries look to divine. Oh my gosh! I love hiding A Ron and I love your gift certificate. You are Grandma Deluxe : )

I bought Bejeweled for my phone ($6.99 can you even believe that?) and I think of you whenever I play it : ).

You just inspire me to all kinds of great things.