Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birthday Dinner's People of Walmart Night at Olive Garden!

It's almost Grandma J's granddaughter's sixteenth birthday. Almost because she will be in So CA for her birthday, which is this coming Sunday.

She wanted to go to Olive Garden, and what a relief that was. Usually it's Texas Roadhouse or Chili's. Italian is a good alternative, even though I don't consider Olive Garden authentic Italian.

 We had a bit of a wait, so we took advantage of the tree for a picture of the Birthday Girl with her BF, Mark.

And one with her favorite brother, A-Ron.

 Grandma J didn't want to use her flash and scare anyone but where do you buy pants like these?

 And, because she's a chicken, Grandma J had her daughter stand by the wine rack so she could get a picture of the pajama lady.

 Yea, I think she is enroute to Walmart after dinner.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


Pajama lady is bad enough with those pants, but look at the flip flops (that are rather manly for a woman wearing pajamas) and socks! This is SUCH a fashion no-no in my book (a book that's paper thin, btw). If you're going to wear sandals or flip flops you do NOT need socks! what's the purpose then?

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, she's beautiful. HOpe she's still running track, it can take her places if she sticks with it.

Jen said...

The signs need to be changed!
No shirt
No shoes
No PJ's!
Happy birthday to another beauty in the family.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy Early Birthday to the gorgeous Grandaughter!!!
What are people thinking? PJ's in public? I don't even wear them at home.

Daryl said...

What a stylish place the Olive Garden is ... its the salad and bread stix that pulls 'em in...

Daryl said...

How rude of me ...

Happy Birthday to your lovely grand daughter!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter. Oh how I would love to see mine today but she not meant to be.
Thanks for snapping this picture. You are like me when it comes to people too dang lazy to dress so they come as they are. I would not even check my mail like that and I live in the country. lol
Whoever started this stupid thing of wearing PJ's in public needs to apolize to all of us who think it is horrid

George said...

You have a beautiful grandaughter, but I expect you knew that already. The PJs in public are just plain dumb in my book.
Thanks for visiting my site.

Mental P Mama said...

ZOMG!!!! That is so funny. Walmart must have been wondering where all their customers were during that time;) Happy Birthday in advance to a beautiful young lady!

Big Hair Envy said...

BG & her BF are quite the striking couple!! Happy Birthday, Beautiful Grandaughter:)

PJ Lady would probably have been flattered if you had asked to take her photo. Anyone who would dress like that to go out for dinner probably doesn't care about much of anything.

I wonder if the Bedazzler in that other woman's purse sets off security alarms when she leaves Wal Mart?

Brittany said...

BAHH HA HA HA! What a great post! Your grandaughter is BEAUTIFUL! and your p.o.w pictures are priceless!

P.s. I made a midnight run to walmart last night for last minute party stuff, and totaly wore my pj's! Be looking for me on the website.... except you cant see my underwear so I dont know if i'll make the cut!

Life with Kaishon said...

Stop it right this second! Who dresses like that? I have to say that there was this important lady at our court today and she had the same kind of thing going on. A print on her pants and then it was on her sweater on the opposite side. It must be the new cool thing. What do we know about fashion?

Your grandaughter is so lovely. I have never seen a picture of her that wasn't wonderful. And A Ron! He is just the cutest! Every picture I see he looks more and more grown up! : )

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happy Birthday to your striking grandaughter!
And those jams....NOT! lawd what the heck is wrong with folks?