Saturday, January 16, 2010

Excuse Me,  Mother Nature

You don't seem to realize it's Saturday.  Because if you did, you wouldn't be so cruel as to continue putting a damper on things.

It's been raining for three days.   And it's starting  to ruin  Grandma J's whole life day.

It's wet and cold.  Don't tell anyone but no one is getting dressed.  It's gonna be a PJ  and hot chocolate kind of day.

As Grandma J  hunkers down right here and watches some football.

How is Mother Nature treating you?


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your couch looks like a great place to hunker down!!!
We are dry. We are hot. We are dry, hot and humid. I was outside getting chores done, and sweating like a piggie.
I miss TX.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Grandma J. - You are not alone. There are people here on the East Coast in a funk walking their dogs in bathrobes wondering why they should ever bother to get up at all. This is on a good day with the sun shining.

If it's rainy and dreary outside, as best as I can tell there's no Earthly reason to do anything except sleep. Until summer gets here.

Unknown said...

Today it was like 43 degrees. I thought it was HEAVENLY! And I don't want it to ever end. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 39 and rainy. Tomorrow is Kaishon's birthday party at the bounce place. Do you know how loud it gets with 30 kids bouncing? Let's just say INSANELY! I will let you know all about it. Wish you were here to experience the bliss with me... : )

Connie said...

It is still cold and still winter here. The snow and ice has finally melted mostly off of the roads, but we still have plenty in the yard. It finally made it to just above freezing yesterday, so we went for a walk. I'm still trying to thaw out my fingers and toes after that. That couch looks better every day!

Linda said...

It has been decent around here. We are beginning to need rain. We had lots of snow, but it wasn't very wet, so this spring and summer, the farmers are going to gripe.....again? still?

Mental P Mama said...

We're getting it today. Gonna sit in my sweats, with my antibiotics, tissues, inhalers and dog. And cheer for the Jets! Because our Giants let us down. So, GO JETS!

Daryl said...

Saturday was gorgeous, like spring . and so today the dreary overcast will turn to rain and likely continue through Monday.....FEH

Cassie said...

Yesterday was MY pj's and tea day! We both had the same idea I guess---but then last night we had to take the beasts to the dog park or there would have been no rest. You should join Friday Foto---Jen did, then I did too. It's a small group like our A-Z was.

Anonymous said...

It''s "Rain, Rain, Go Away," here too....good thing I have tomorrow off....I can stay inside and clean this's been neglected.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I see sunshine! It's about time!
I am so not a winter person.