Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Me, Elise

Grandma J likes to spend quality one-on-one time with her grandchildren.   But some get more than their share of Grandma J's  time due to circumstances beyond their control.

Like Elise.....because she only goes to her school one morning a week.   That doesn't mean she doesn't have a full schedule that requires meals on the run.

Like  the day Grandma J took her to Der Weinerschnitzel because Grandma J doesn't have one in Texas it's a good thing to have some variety in your diet. 

  But when Elise places her order, she asks for chili fries with the chili and cheese "on the side".....and we weren't happy with the way it came.   Elise said she  could  dip her fries in the chile, but not the cheese.

The next day we decide to go back to our regular luncheon stomping grounds....

You can't go wrong with McD's.  Well, unless they give you a boy toy with your Happy Meal.  

Can Grandma J get a boy toy please?

Let's move on to Arby's where the curly fries were a big hit.

So, I'm sure all three of you are counting your blessing that your children aren't subjected to such nutritional abuse.   All Grandma J can say is, don't be so sure.

Besides, Elise burns off all those empty calories in no time flat.  

There's the ballet lessons.  It's a shame that Grandma J has to take pictures through a two way mirror. 

And, the tap lessons that look like the ballet lessons but with different shoes.

And of course Elise is a world class swimmer who will be trying out for a spot on the Ladera Liquids soon.

When Grandma J takes the grandkids to the hotel for a sleepover without parental interference, they traditionally get there buns powdered.

Princess Elise wanted her piggies powdered too.....and her wish was granted.


Connie said...

"boy toy"---made me chuckle

Elise is quite a cutie. Love the dance lessons photos. :-)

I Am Woody said...

I'll be on the look out for that boy toy while I'm in Vegas;)

Daryl said...

She is adorable ... I am jealous of her tap class. I took one tap lesson and the teacher suggested to my mother that ballet would be better ... even then I was a klutz.. oh and 12 years of ballet classes did not make me any less klutzy

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Grandma J. is the funnest, coolest grandma there is, and she has a princess for a granddaughter.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It is good to be Elise!!!!
I love that she is so active...I bet she liked her toy even if it was a boy toy. She'll appreciate it one day!!

Anonymous said...

Powdered toes? That's a new one.


Anonymous said...

Elise has the prettiest eyes! Glad you two got to pamper yourselves and glad you took lots of photos for your scrapbook and to share with us. Precious memories for sure!

Anonymous said...

Elise has the prettiest eyes! Glad you two got to pamper yourselves and glad you took lots of photos for your scrapbook and to share with us. Precious memories for sure!

big hair envy said...

That little Elise is a DOLL!!! She's lucky to have a Grandma like you;)

What's the proper powder for powdering one's toes?

loxandlo said...

You are a great grandma! Those kids will have wonderful memories of you when they are old and grey.

Dawn said...

love the dance lessons that look the same with different shoes. that's funny!!

Jen said...

What's the phone number to rent a kid?
She is so precious!

Unknown said...

I desperately hope you get a boy toy soon : ) Just for the blogging fodder of course : )
that Elise is TOO pretty for words. Oh my goodness. Your grands are all so lovely. I think they got their GORGEOUS genes from you : )

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

a princess indeed with eyes to die for!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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