Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Update!

Ok, maybe update isn't the correct choice of words, but Grandma J has a few things to say, and couldn't think of the right title for her mish-mash.

First, she received the cutest note card in the mail.....handpainted by Linda  at Grandma's Page.   She sent Linda one of those silly Aba Zabba candy bars, then she asked her what her favorite flower was. 

Then, she painted Violets for Grandma J!   You meet the nicest people on blogs!!

Next up is just a link.   Grandma J was reading The Orange County Register on the internet like she does every day.  It's her hometown paper, and it keeps her connected.  Anywho.....she came across a story about this barn owl family living in a hollow of a tree with a 24/7 live feed.   There's a dad and mom with their seven  five owl babies.  

Two young ones that were small and weak have died.  Grandma J has gotten attached to this owl family which is why she's been a bad blogger and wants to share the link with  all the bird lovers anyone who might be interested.

Just be forewarned that it's real life!  The parents hunt for their meals of rats, rabbits etc.  You may not like what you see, because Grandma J cried when the little, weak owl died.

And, one more thing  Grandma J has been wanting to tell you!

When she was in CA, she rented a vehicle similar to her own in Texas.   Same year, model, same engine.

This is the MPG she gets in Texas.

This is the MPG she gets in CA.    The difference is due to the CA emmissions  laws that require a calalytic converter on all cars.   This law is really  old, outdated, and unneccesary with the emmission standards on today's vehicles.  It's pricey too, and as you can see, it really cuts into your fuel efficiency.   

There was no difference in useage of AC or heaters during this consumer test.   BUT....for some reason Grandma J gets the same mileage in her Texas vehicle year around....even on road trips.

Oh, and just  one more thing....

.....we have a new Penny! You knew that didn't you?  This is the front. 

This is the back...or tails!

There, Grandma J got so much off her chest!  Enjoy your Sunday!


Deb said...

I hadn't noticed the new penny has made its debut! I'm going to search for one!

Leave a Legacy said...

Very interesting tidbits. I love learning new trivia. I didn't know about the new penny, either.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That is quite the update, Grandma J. It's like a box of chocolates over here, you never know what you're going to get, but you know it'll be good.

I got one of those pennies the other day.

Don't tell my mother about those owls. She'll be over here 24/7 using my internet to obsess over them.

Those violets are gorgeous.

I Am Woody said...

Going to watch those owls right now:)

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I didn't know about the penny, but I'll be watching my change, just for fun. (Heck, I don't even have all the state quarters yet!) And I'm blown away by the drive-through drink place. Who allows that, and what are they thinking? Sheesh. Just happened by your blog, and will definitely be back.

Unknown said...

I LOVED this information. You are a wealth of knowledge. I am afraid to click on the owl link. I get super attached to things. Kaish is going to LOVE that though. SO sweet!

I thought California was supposed to be the most up to date state on everything. Send an email to Arnold : ).

I had no idea about the new penny. I think I live under a rock.

LOVE your friend that sent the hand painted card. How sweet is she!

Anonymous said...

The owl link is the best reality show out there. I'm surprised you watch it.


Linda said...

Thanks for the 'shout-out' G'ma J! Now I'm off to read about the owls. Have a great Sunday! said...

Well, that was a very interesting and educational post, GrandmaJ!
I really do like the new penny! And can't imagine why California would have such outdated laws especially when everything there is so expensive anyway!
Now I have to go and look at those owls!

Jason, as himself said...

I had no idea that the catalytic converter decreased gas mileage! I just thought it was a wonderful, good thing forever and ever.


Unknown said... are full of info today...I DID NOT know about the new penny...shows you how much I pay attention to details like that.
The violets are beautiful!! And I envy the owls....we have some out back but way to far up and out to know what is going on..they are amazing though! Now I have to look for that new penny! :)

Connie said...

The violets are very pretty.

Thank you for the owl web cam link--I think those cams are so cool! :D

Busy Bee Suz said...

Owls. Pennies. MPG. Oh MY.
I must check out the owls...I think they are just the coolest.
I wonder if I could add a pet owl to our herd?

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

What?!?! Our emissions things here in CA are causing me to get less mileage. I had no idea. That sucks!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL @ CBW...and now I have to go find a penny.

Jen said...

Wow - more info than Fox here!
going to go peak at the owls now....

big hair envy said...

I'm sorry, Grandma J, but I cannot go and look at those owls. I'm ALREADY crying over the two that died...:(

Cassie said...

Lots of good info. You inform ANd entertain!! hehe.

Cassie said...

G, I just went to the barn owl feed and they are SSSooooo cute. thanks for telling us about this!