Friday, April 30, 2010

A Crisis Remedy
..and a movie review

When Grandma J last reported, she was dealing with a personal physical tragedy issue....that she was afraid would be permanent.   You know,  as permanent as if she had taken a wide edge Sharpie to her face.

Anyway, yesterday, Grandma J put on her sunglasses and headed out to the pool for her daily aqua aerobics class.  Throughout the class she kept dunking her head in a vat of chlorine bleach the water, hoping to bleach out the Caterpillar brows. 

Then it was off to a matinee to see Date Night starring Steve Carell as Phil Foster, a tax attorney, and  Tina Fey as his wife, Claire, a realtor, living in suburban New Jersey with two kids.

The Foster's have a standing date night every Friday night, but it's become routine and almost like another obligation.   With the news that another couple in their circle of friends is getting divorced, they start questioning their own marriage's lack of spark.

Claire decides to get all dressed up one Friday after work, and when Phil comes home he is taken back by how good she looks and decides to take her to the swankiest new seafood restaurant in Manhattan.

The Fosters don't have a reservation but plead with the maitre d’ to please let them know if there's a cancellation....and that they'll be hanging out in the, lounge.

Claire knows that Phil's insistence of getting a table on such a busy night is futile, but Phil remains optimistic.

When a hostesses announces a table reservation for the Tripplehorns several times with no response....well, you guessed it, Phil says, "US"!

this is where the fun begins, because unfortunately, in the middle of their meal they’re accosted by a couple of guys who order them out of the place  and demand that the “Tripplehorns” return a flash drive stolen from mob kingpin.

The rest of the movie is a very common and loooooong  foot chase, boat chase, car chase.  The plot is nothing that you can't figure out from the onset of the mistaken identity.   It has a familiar theme, similar to  Did You Hear About The Morgans

Grandma J has to give this movie three stars because she's generous when she likes the stars.

**Grandma J loves watching this little hummingbird mama sit on her nest.  The coin sitting next to her is a penny! 


Mark said...

Caterpilla Brows! I need to remember that one. Okay, would that be three out of five? If so, I'm waiting for the dvd to come out. Thanks for your in depth reporting. Your Friend, m.

Caution/Lisa said...

I have saved so much $$$ because of your reviews. I've also saved the potential career ending humiliation of dying my own brows. With all the $$$ I've saved, I'm going to buy a bottle of pop. Thank-You!!!

Catsngrams said...

Wow that sounds like a watcher. I will have to get to Red box.

Linda said...

I'll wait until the library gets it, so I can sleep through it, and it won't cost anything! NOT!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I see you are easily swayed by the stars and you give them more stars.
They should send you some swag for that.
Love that hummingbird!!! SO cute.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That's disappointing, I was hoping it would be good. Did you find a cure for the eyebrows? Did the chlorine do the trick?

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...I thought the trailers for that movie were too long! Love me some Phoebe The Hummingbird! And Molly, too!

Unknown said...

: ) I love that you are swayed by the stars : ) You are the best reviewer in the history of all reviewers : ). Oh yes you are!

I need to do some eyebrow maintenance this weekend myself...

I Am Woody said...

I am so sad about the movie. But thanks for saving me $20!!

Jen said...

Told ya so.
Did you really use a sharpie in your brows???
oh 4 goodness sake!

Jen said...

I had to go to a differet computer to view that web cam.
WOW! that is tiny! Momma hummer wasn't there, but I'll check on it again. Addicting isn't it?

Connie said...

Hi Grandma J! Glad you're able to venture out of the house again. Thanks for the movie review. Sounds like one I can miss after all. Love the hummingbirds! :D

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Thanks for that review! Humming birds have finally arrived at our house. I love them little critters!