Monday, June 14, 2010

A to Z Monday
..the edible edition

Brought to you this week by the letter U

As in UN

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 For the UN-Cola....7-UP

Let's start with a bit of trivia about 7-Up.   Notice the eight little bubbles on the bottle on the right?   Yeah, long ago in the 1930's or 1940's someone in the bottling plant probably said something like, shouldn't this stuff  be called Eight-Up?  But, since that would mean  firing the boss and his wife changing all the graphics, business cards and email addresses, the decision was made to just eliminate a bubble.

That doesn't mean that all the bubbles on the buildings and trucks had to be eliminated.

The old metal coolers!   Didn't every family have one and didn't it have some kind of advertising on it?   Ours said Coleman, which must have been an ancient soft drink.

And wasn't Dad a hoot after guzzling a half a dozen 7-Ups?   When he played circus clown, the laughs came fast and furious.

But then maybe Dad was spiking his 7-Up with gin.   Who didn't?   I mean it was the mixer of choice until Canada Dry came up with Collins mix.  Of course some people like their gin on the rocks. 

Now Grandma J would  be amiss if she didn't mention the  nutritional benefits of  weaning baby with 7-Up.  And just in case you couldn't get enough  7-Up as your beverage choice...... 

They created a 7-Up Cook Book filled with a plethora of tasty recipes!!

Now go get yourself a 7-Up, then check out all the other U foods at A to Z Mondays, hosted by Jen at unglazed.


Mental P Mama said...

Loved that uncola guy's voice...I think his name was Jeffrey Holder. Weird the trivia sitting in my feeble little brain....

Life with Kaishon said...

: ) So funny!
8 bubbles.
8 up just doesn't sound right, does it? :)
I love that picture of the girl in the hat : ) I will try to recreate it. See how you inspire me? : )

Daryl said...

Love that you always find the nostalgia .. history of what you post!

Ben said...

Why does that hat in the last picture creep me out so much?

Anonymous said...

What a fun post. I had forgotten they called it the UN cola!

If I ever get motivated enough to put a few of mine and mom's recipes together, I'll be sure to send you a complimentary copy. Many years ago, I made a recipe box for my adult niece with all of mother's recipes and memorable stories about some of them; I found out since that she hates to bake!!! Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

My dad worked for the 7 Up Bottling Company and drove a local delivery truck. When there was a big sale, his customers would buy A LOT of cases of 7 Up and he would store it in our garage....everyone would benefit ($) all around. When I was born, waaaay back in 1959, I got a savings bond for $25 from the 7 Up Bottling Company....big money back in the day. My mom never wanted me to cash it in because 7 Up was typed in as the purchaser. But when we were first married we had to cash it in to pay the rent one month...but I saved the envelope! I also have a cooler very similar- but the lid is eaten away because my mom set a bag of fertilizer on it...but I use the base to hold my tear away bolts for embroidery in my sewing room.

Thanks for the great post Grandma J!
Happy Summer,

Jen said...

Great U post !
...and up is the way the bubbles go, hence the Up part of 7 Up. Is that right?

Happy Monday Grma J

Cassie said...

I must tell you,Grandma,that I always get such a kick out of your posts. They remind me of things from days gone by and usually I learn something new! Happy A-Z Monday!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

That baby with the 7up bottle is just wrong! Espically when it comes right after 7up being used as a gin chaser! Too funny!~

Busy Bee Suz said...

U-Oh. I no like Uncola. Actually, I like NO cola. But I did like reading this.
I really want that lady's sunhat at the bottom...tres weird. said...

Hotdamn! Now I won't be able to sleep until I get a hat like that one in the last photo!

Daisy said...

I'm like Mildred, I had forgotten about the "Uncola" campaign that they had. Fun post, Grandma J. This brought back some good memories. Happy Monday! :D