Thursday, April 28, 2011

Romeo, My Precious Romeo.......... where the heck are you?

Grandma J doesn't usually do PSA's for  crazy women.  No, because  she would consider  that a PMS  alert.
But in this case,  Romeo is more than missing....he's been stolen!! 


And,  the reward is more than a box of Milk Bone treats, so Grandma J figured an all out Romeo Alert would be worthwhile.

Here is the article from the Orange County Register:   Woman offers a $100,000 reward.  

That's right, there is an all out alert from his mom, because she really thinks this is a kidnapping by some Mexican Drug Lords.

Note:  Grandma J isn't sure whether that is an official organization, so she capitalized it just in case.

Carol Rudat, (that's Romeo's mom's name) set up a website loaded with all the details concerning Romeo's disappearance, along with the different tiers of rewards offered.  

For instance, if you return Romeo you only get $2,500,  but if you can nail a politician and make sure they spend time in the slammer you get the grand prize of $100,000.  There are other levels of reward too.

Here  Romeo's mother makes a plea, and explains how to go about donating to her campaign war chest  collecting  the different rewards.

Grandma J,  for a brief second considered getting JJ's hair dyed, and putting a Santa suit on him, but seriously,  he would run away, then the cycle would start over again.

For your listening pleasure, here is a sample of  Romeo pleading for someone to take him singing.


Life with Kaishon said...

I am trying to decide if I should ask to be Romeo's friend on facebook. He is a cute dog!

Mental P Mama said...

Why do all the nuts roll downhill to the coast?

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOL@ Mental P. Mama.
He really is cute...even for a Chihuahua.
I hope he gets back home...then again, maybe HE ran away.

Mark said...

I don't blame him for taking off! m.

Daryl said...

How do you find these things?

Grandma J said...

Daryl, I read a couple newspapers on line, and you can find the strangest stories.

funny thing, when I play the video of Romeo "singing" JJ starts howling. This is a first for JJ. He has never howled or sang before. He has a better pitch than Romeo.

Daisy said...

Oh dear. Poor Romeo. I wonder if they stole his Santa suit too. If they find him, maybe he and JJ can do a duet together. Might be a big hit! ha! :D

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Delivah me!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh. My.

Bluebird49 said...

I can't comment--I'm still laughing, and plus, I loved MPM's comment so much--that made tears come into my eyes. And yes, I guess I'm southern--from VA, anyway. And believe me, I do know a few nuts that have rolled down here from up somewhere.

Anonymous said...

grandma J,this is frasypoo!You made me laugh so much today!!

Grandma J said...

Frasypoo! I just started up blogging again, and noticed you stopped for a while too. Hope all is well with you, my friend.