Friday, May 27, 2011

RAWHIDE RANCH, starring Beauty

Every year, the second graders at the school where Grandma J's grandkids go, get an opportunity to go to a real live ranch for four days.   It's an authentic ranch in the rural mountains in Bonsall CA.

 Students start hyperventilating about going to Rawhide Ranch from their first day of kindergarten.  It's a long road to haul, waiting for second grade, and then,  that day in May when you show up at school with your ranch gear, and board the bus. 

Beauty's brother has been to Rawhide ranch, and she thought the day would never come.
There was a whole plethora of things to do, things to many preparations.

For Beauty, it all starts with the boots.  She really wanted the white with pink trim, but the only pair in her size that weren't already scuffed were the pink ones.   She could live with that because......

There was a matching hat in the works.    Grandma J has no idea what the problem was, but having been in second grade once herself, she can relate to an occasional fashion meltdown.  Actually, just yesterday Grandma J had one when the drawstring on her pajama jeans broke.

 Once she got to school, and was able to  hang out with her BFFs, she seemed much happier. the time they all got together for a group shot, Beauty was flaunting them pink boots all over the place.

 Once they arrived, this happened.   Grandma J doesn't have any additional info related to this picture so you get to use your vivid imagination!

Here's Beauty kicking it up big time in the corral.   Grandma J made that *kicking it up* part up because she has no idea what Beauty is doing besides looking cute with them pink boots!

Grandma J was so proud of all the ranch type things Beauty learned in her first zapping bugs.  And, how cool that she has an upper bunk?

In case you were wondering, Rawhide Ranch is a real honest to goodness working ranch.  Flaunt those pink boots, go girl.

When the morning chores are done, it's coffee break time!

There's nothing like a nice camp fire at the end of a long day working on the Ranch.

xoxox  Grandma J


Life with Kaishon said...

It looks like! Her boots are spectacular. That picture with her grumpy face made me laugh and laugh and laugh ; )

Anonymous said...

I like those boots! Looks like a great place and I love these pictures. Have a great weekend.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

A girl after my own heart! I have pink boots too! That Beauty is gonna go far! Looks like she is loving the ranch life!

Grandma J said...

Testing, testing. Is this comment secttion even functional?

Daisy said...

Looks like she had a fun time. She sure is cute all decked out in pink like that. Have a nice holiday weekend, Grandma J! :)

Anonymous said...

Trolling for comments again?


Busy Bee Suz said...

She is the cutest lil' cowgirl ever. I actually loved her pouty face....I do that daily. :)
My niece had a pair of pink cowboy boots...then she gave them to Lolo...and then Lindsay acquired them. I could not bear to let them go...we still have them. Sadly, they don't fit me.
I was also happy that you used the word makes me so happy.