Saturday, October 12, 2013

She's a Star Magnet

Grandma J has so much to share with you over the last two plus years that you thought she was institutionalized  in an old folks home, or worse. 

Today she would like to tell you a bit about what Christine, AKA Beauty, has been up to.  We can start with her love for her new found BFF, JJ.   They were hooked at the hip this summer, and she loved feeding him, putting his breath drops in his water, and picking up his poop.  She loved sleeping with him and walking him.  It goes without saying, JJ loved her too.

Now that we have the fluff stuff out of the way, let me tell you about her real love. It's everything Justin Bieber.  This is true love people.  No one was happier than Christine when Selena Gomez dumped Justin.  Throughout all Justin's bad boy behavior, Christine has chocked it all up to growing pains and others picking on him.

Last year she sent me the following picture.....

 Yep, that's Christine with her true love.   Her friend had connections and they not only went to a Justin Bieber concert, they had backstage passes.   I couldn't figure out what was going on with Christine's faux smile.  Was she wetting herself in pain?  Upset?   So, Grandma J texts her to find out why she wasn't over the moon to be with her heart throb. 

Here is the text......
The answer to the last question was "yes".

Now let's fast forward to Grandma J's visit last spring.  The grand kids get a one-on-one day with Grandma J.  Christine wanted to go to LA.  So, early morning we headed to The Grove.  We know the stars hang out there because Extra is taped there and TMZ is always accosting spotting  them there.
Christine made herself at home on the Extra set.

Very much at home!!

And her co-host tried to steal her away from Justin B.  Of course some strange lady moved into the picture and Grandma J had to cut her out.

Christine's star power doesn't end there.....
Recently she, along with her family were guests at an Alex's Lemonade Stand Event.  Her family is committed to this charity that is a major supporter of Childhood Cancer.

The stars were numerous, and Christine and her sister Elise got their share of hugs.

Of course Christine got each and every one of them to sign her cast!  It's one of her favorite souvenirs.  That's because Grandma J and JJ signed it first.

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Love this and you!

The Keeper Of All Things said...

Hi Grandma J !Im trying to get back to blogging ,reposting things till I get familiar with all the changes.

I Am Woody said...

How awesome is that!!! Something she will remember forever :)

M said...

Holy smokes that's a lot of stars!!
She has grown since we saw her last!!