Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stubborn Patches......Defined

What's the meaning of a phrase?  Not any phrase, but one without a clear definition like stubborn patches.   When someone states they have stubborn patches, what do you envision? 

Well, in the world of Grandma J it could be one of a plethora of things........

Could it be a bald spot on your head?   No telling what causes it, but it's definitely a stubborn patch yearning for a session with the Hair Club for Men.

Then there is the facial blotch that even the most expensive blemish medication can't exterminate....definitely a very stubborn patch.

Of course in the fall you might refer to your lame producing pumpkin patch as a stubborn patch.

Maybe your lawn has a stubborn know like a brown area caused by lack of water, a fungus or a favorite "spot" for the neighbors' dogs.

Don't want to forget the stubborn patches  that Microsoft sends us.....

Um......Then again, you may have a stubborn-ass pet named Patch.

There you have Grandma
 J's stubborn patches.  What's your stubborn patch?  


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I have two stubborn patches (well more, but I'll keep this brief): kitchen dishes and laundry. They will not ever move, not ever go away, they never dwindle. EVER. No matter what I do. Stubborn. Ass. Patches.

Life with Kaishon said...

Ny stubborn patch is my husband : )
Can Gary be a stubborn patch?