Monday, November 25, 2013

Stuck In The Slow Lane...By Two's

It's been two months since I tried to update my poor iPhone 4. Because I was too cheap to buy one with enough memory two years ago, I didn't have enough memory to update my settings.

It's  been two weeks and one day since JJ destroyed my laptop.  Of course that means its been two weeks since I've blogged....after a two year hiatus.  I've made one lame attempt to post on my blog but since my phone is lame, I can't upload photos or links. I am literally illiterate.

If you are still with me as I cry me a river, that means you are either bored or you love me.

I will be making a decision today to buy either a new laptop, tablet or desktop.  I need your help.  I can only buy one of these options. So, without further adeiu, I am soliciting for advice.  Please keep $$ in mind because ill be spending my grandkids Christmas gifts.

Love. Grandma J

Love, from my lame iPhone .......

Grandma J


Jamie said...

I'd scratch the desktop (do they even sell those anymore?) You travel a lot so you want something portable. I don't know much about tablets (other than I want one) put I'd go with that or a laptop

loxandlo said...

I love you but I'm also bored and I have no idea how a tablet works or an Iphone for that matter. Also, my PC hasn't had sound for over a year so I wouldn't trust any recommendation I made either. All I can say is you better find a solution cause I thoroughly enjoy reading Grandma J and need a consistent fix. Presents be damned.

Unknown said...

I vote for a laptop : ). Kaish has an HP one that he loves. We have to get a new screen for it because Sabria dropped it last time she was over. Kaish has been going crazy without it. He doesn't like my computer at all. I think tablets are awesome, but I don't know if you would be able to blog easily via one. And honestly, that is the most important thing, right? : )

Anonymous said...

I have both an Ipad and a laptop. The Ipad is great for travel and reading, but I don't think it replaces a laptop.

Postcard Cindy

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

No to the desktop. It's obsolete. I now use a laptop (or flaptop as my father calls them)mostly for blogging and photos, but I also love an old iPad of my son's and my iPhone, so I use all three--but no desktop. YOu can safely rule that one out.

You might want to just get an inexpensive laptop if such an animal exists.

M said...

I love my laptop because I need me some keyboard...all the time :)

Unknown said...

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I Am Woody said...

I don't know much about them but the Chromebooks look interesting. Laptop for $250 - I'm gonna have to check into those things!