Monday, December 9, 2013

Search and Destroy...

..with a twist from a screwdriver.

That's what happened to my old laptop in more ways than one.   It's been almost a month since my cute little dog, JJ I accidentally  spilled coffee on my laptop, causing it to die a swift and painful death.
I tried to save it by following all the suggestions I received, like using air in a can, a blow dryer on cool, and putting it in rice.  OK, this is where I am tempted to say something about certain ethnic groups who live on rice, but I won't.  I didn't try the rice thing because the only rice I have is rice-a-roni. 

After soliciting suggestions on whether to get a desktop, laptop, or tablet, I decided on the laptop due to the level of familiarity I thought I had. 

The newer desktops are nice with everything built into the monitor, but it's not mobile.  Of course with the Internet on my phone I almost opted for the desktop because it was a bit cheaper, and besides, I hate trying to use the keyboard on my fingers are too fat.

Now I must say, ordering a laptop over the Internet is pretty easy.  I bought it from Walmart, and picked it up less than an hour later.  I was just too anxious to get it out of the box and start using it right away........
Yeah, famous last words. The part I thought I would love would be the Windows 8, but honestly, it was like learning a whole new language. 

This is your start menu.  Don't go looking for the "start" in the lower left corner.

These are your apps.   Once you open one, don't go looking for a little X in the upper right-hand corner to close it.  Closing apps is a deep dark secret.

 Forget using the touch pad (I'm still a mouse girl), but now it's touch screen to boot!  I won't bore you with all the suicidal thoughts I had when I realized my brain was too full to take in all the new info that Windows 8 required.  Oh yes, and the very next morning my new laptop told me to be patient while it loaded Windows 8.1.

Moving on, I decided to remove the printer disc from my old laptop.   You see, I was trying to re-install my printer to my old laptop when the coffee incident happened.  So now, I thought I'd install my printer on my new laptop. can't get the DVD drive to open unless the laptop has power!!  So I did what any insane woman would do.....

I pried that drive open with a screw driver.  Yes I did.  And yes, I know I could have removed the back of the laptop with the same screw driver but what fun would that have been?
Now I have to slowly play the tutorials on how to use my new laptop.  Of course I could have done that to start, but that's not much fun either.
Stay tuned because Grandma J has so much to tell you about her lasted adventures and movie reviews.





M said...

So why do you let JJ use your laptop while he drinks his coffee?

Have fun learning your new computer :)
Happy Monday!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love that you try new things : ). You will get it! I just know it. My parents have the hardest time with their laptop. I am not going to lie, the new windows confuses me like crazy!