Sunday, November 8, 2009


or as some may insist….Phase I

So with that little tidbit in mind, Grandma J is jumping back on the blogging bandwagon and back in to the fold.

what's hanging from your rear view mirror!

The 2,058 mile road trip back to Texas was not as exciting as the one leaving Texas for California…..two different routes, diets, and body temperatures.  But for now, Grandma J would like to give you a smidgen of what to expect in the coming days as she takes you inside her disturbing hallucinogenic mind trip.

Unfortunately, as you know, Grandma J picked up an annoying bug somewhere between the Comanche Nation and the California shore, home of the Juananos

While she didn’t feel up to par, and certainly felt bad about limiting her exposure to family, she did participate in some exciting events……or maybe it was the drugs? You decide.

Right off the bat there was a birthday dinner for a beautiful 21 year old.   Grandma J swears the yellow tinge had nothing to do with high fevers or hot jalapenos.

No, the yellow tinge had to do with too much Corona….that’s what it does to your skin.

On another day, Grandma J jumped out of bed just in time to say, good-bye, and have a nice day at school to her Grandson………….

……..and his sister.   Could Grandma J's fever be spiking?   Maybe eating a box of Little Debbie cakes at 3 a.m. isn't a good idea.....or is this what happens when someone takes too much Nighttime Nyquil?

On the morning Grandma J drove off into the desert, heading for Tucson, she joined Andrew, Beauty and Little One for their traditional Saturday morning breakfast with Dad at McDonald’s. A wonderful gift to HSH if I do say so myself.

Beauty got all decked out as usual….

Little One is too much of a diva to care….just throw on some shades and no one will notice the pj’s and hair. I swear she’s a Texan.

And this my friends is a Javelina…..the State bird of Arizona.
Grandma J is still nursing something…and had to cancel her doctors appointment last Thursday due to the horrific terrorist attack at Fort Hood, which is smack in her home town of Killeen.   The whole area was on lockdown…cell phones went dead, and lines were jammed.   Nothing in the world mattered except the care and recovery of the wounded soldiers and civilians.    Grandma J attended a candlelight vigil Friday night, and a memorial mass Today.   Please pray for the families of the fallen soldiers….and all of our armed forces.   They are all volunteers and need our support.   November 11 is Veteran’s Day…..find one… thank them!


I Am Woody said...

Looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures:) And I hope you are feeling good soon!!

My heart goes out to all those affected by the terrible events of this past week. I have a friend that lives on base at Ft Hood - thankfully she is OK, just very shaken by it all. Thinking the enemy was in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Deb said...

For a moment, I thought your photos were vintage 70's! How did you do that???
Didn't know that Fort Hood was in your home town. How awful for everyone affected. Terrible.
I pray for the recovery of the families of those injured and dead. What is the world going to?

Anonymous said...

Grandma J,

I have been praying and will continue. Such a terrible thing to happen so close to where you live! My heart goes out to all the families involved.

I am so happy you updated that you are home. I was worried! I hope you are feeling better soon and look forward to hearing more about your trip.

Postcard Cindy said...

Wow! I have been waiting for a post from you ever since the horror at Ft. Hood, GrandmaJ. I knew you had been gone, but also that you were on your way back home.
I am so happy you had such a wonderful time with your family and I know it sucked being sick while you were there and I wouldn't wish that on anybody, but I bet they were instrumental in you getting better as well! Even if it was just hugs and kisses!
I have said prayers for the Ft Hood soldiers, all of them, and will continue to!
Glad you're home safe and sound!

Unknown said...

Welcome home Sweet Grandma J! Welcome Home! I am praying for the soldiers and their families. So sad. So disturbing! I am glad you and yours are safe.

Beauty is getting so big. All of them really. How do they do that?

Jen said...

You make me laugh!!!!!! :)
and cry. :(

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, it's wonderful to have you back.

Mental P Mama said...

I was so worried about you!!! They are all beauties! yellow and all;)

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Going home is never as much fun as going "there". Glad you made it home safely without much incident.

Oh, I bet the last few days has been unbearably eerie. I did not realize that you lived so nearby. What a tragedy. My thoughts are with everyone at Fort Hood.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You know I have been worried about this at Fort Hood. JUST makes ME so MAD and Sad.
I have got to figure out how the kids colored their hair and remember to NOT let Linds do she would lOvE it.
Glad you are home...hope you are getting better!!

Pat Jenkins said...

i am glad you made it back safe grandma, though not completely sound!!!... i look forward to more details about what is going on around ft. hood. good you got to share in the sympathies....

Caution/Lisa said...

The state bird? Maybe I have your fever now. GET BETTER!!!

big hair envy said...

I felt SO much better after talking to you the other night. I'll continue to keep all of the Ft. Hood folks in my prayers.

I have a veteran that I call and thank every year on his day. My step-father is a Vietnam Vet.

Get yourself well, lady. We've missed you in the blogosphere!!!

Daryl said...

I am so glad you are home and on the mend .. I am loving those pix, its the flash on the camera indoors that turns stuff yeller ..

And I am heartsick over what happened to all those soldiers ... my heart goes out to their families and friends.

Working in Times Square I see many of our brave men and women in the armed forces and I always say thank you to them (and to our local police/fire people) for all they do to keep us safe

Now you keep yourself on the mend! xo

hollywood said...

I thought Fort Hood was where you were located. It is heartbreaking.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You have a beautiful family GJ! I sure have missed you and so glad to know you are on the mend. Little T just finished a report on a local Vet here. Continuing to pray for the families. Such sadness.