Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Things Are Different in Texas

The city Grandma J lives in only sells beer and wine in markets and Walmart.  If you decide to have margarita's on Taco Tuesday, you have to go to a liquor store in the neighboring town.   This liquor store isn't open on Sundays.

Of course that shouldn't put a damper on Taco Tuesday....but you couldn't have jello shots during your Sunday afternoons of football, baseball, or table tennis games.

Grandma J doesn't drink, but might have a good margarita on special occasions if she's at El Torito, Avila's or Don Jose's.  And, those places are in CA, so the crazy liquor laws in Texas don't apply to her once a year binge.

The reason all of this information about where and when you can buy alcohol in Texas is confusing to Grandma J is because you can do this.......

 Drive through drinks BABY!

 That's right this place is one of many drive through nightclubs called Daquiri Express.

Grandma J could explain all the ins and outs of how this works, but it would drive her to drink....and then she'd be drinking and driving.   So, she found this cute little video where these novice and cute filmmakers critique a Daquiri Express in Louisianna!   

Is this a nationwide chain?  Maybe a franchise?   Grandma J's curious as to why the State of Texas allows these when they are so fussy about where and when you can buy a bottle to take home and make your own daquiris or margaritas.   And.....that cute filmmaker bought a shot of hard liquor TO GO!

The question is...and yes, there is a question, do you have drive-thru cocktail bars?  


Linda said...

Crazy, isn't it!

Connie said...

No such thing here as far as I'm aware. In fact drinking and driving at the same time is sort of um....frowned on here! Oh my!

I Am Woody said...

We've got crazy laws here in TN too.

Just beer, no wine, sold in grocery stores.

Liquor stores can't sell beer.

No liquor sales on Sunday so the liquor store has to close at midnight Saturday night.

But they can sell beer on Sunday, just not before noon.

And my all-time favorite, they can't sell Jack Daniels at the distillery - it is located in a DRY county:)

Jen said...

and I guess you can be sweet 16 and sell it too??? She looks young. This is weird, doesn't this promote drinking and driving?

When my son worked at a grocery store under age 18 was not allowed to sell beer (couldn't touch it either), he had to have someone age 18+ scan it and then take the money for the entire bill. After he was 18 he could, but ...still underaged to buy it himself. So weird!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Cannot imagine drive through cocktails!

In North Carolina they have Brew Thrus which are like drive-through convenience stores that do sell, among many other things, beer and probably cheap wine. In Virginia we buy beer and wine in grocery stores and convenience stores, liquor at the state-run ABC store, closed on Sundays.

The whole drive-through daquari concept is perplexing though, because to state the obvious you are driving and drinking. Strange.

When they invent drive-through gas stations that's when I'll really get excited. Oh wait, we used to have those, they were called service stations where they also checked your oil.

Thanks again for the candy!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love TX, but the liquor laws were crazy there in the bible belt.
We have no drive thru bars here.
We have a 'no open container' law.

NO straw makes this legal? That is the craziest thing I have ever seen!!!

Daryl said...

Humm .. my comment disappeared and it was so clever .. not

We dont have such things here in NY State .. we used to have laws where liquor stores had to be closed on Sunday ... and we dont sell alcohol other than beer in supermarkets

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Now that is one of the craziest things I have ever seen. I dont see that EVAH happening here!

Unknown said...

I have to be honest and say NO we do not have any drive thru drink places around here. There is a drive thru beer store a few towns over but they just sell cases and such. I think I had to get some for Gary one time. I don't drink either. Every time I go to get him beer (Corona, if you wondered: ) I feel like I have to explain it to the salesmen. I don't think they care who drinks their stuff : )

Wilde said...

This blog makes me smile :o) Thanks!

hollywood said...

NM used to have drive through package stores, but you couldn't buy a mixed drink through the window pre-made. Now all drive thrus are illegal and you gotta go in to buy.

However, a NEW law and they promote it heavily in restaurants here now is you can buy a full bottle of wine and take the lefovers with you. Now, isn't that driving with an open container?? said...

We have drive-thru liquor and wine sales. But the law here in Harris and Galveston county is that the container can't be open in the car. I am assuming this includes drinks as well.
Who knows?

The Chocolate Lady said...

No such thing in CA...only thing you can get "drive thru" is fast food.

We have laws against "open containers" , so any liquor that has been opened can not be in the car. if you had a bottle of liquor, that had been open, you would need to place it in the trunk, cant even be in the backseat. (if you just bought it at the store and it has never been opened, it's ok in the car)

Also, you have to be the legal age yourself, to sell or serve the drink. So, the girl at the window would also be a no-go here in CA

Deb said...

Well, welcome to the State of Georgia, too! No liquor sales on Sunday, however, if you go to a bar or restaurants IN SOME can appreciate a cold one. To confuse matters more, within a county Sunday Liquor is allowed in some towns and not others. For gosh sakes, this is so backwards.

However, let me tell you something equally as nuts, when I was a kid and lived in Chicago, you could not purchase meat on Sunday. Stupid union rule! That backwards law was overturned.