Monday, March 1, 2010

....the ingestable edition

Brought to you this week by the letter F

Fajitas.  A favorite Mexican dish of Grandma Js.   this is Chicken Fajitas salad, whipped up by Paula Deen

This would be Chili's Steak Fajitas...a very favorite of Grandma Js.

This is how Grandma J loves it best.....wrapped in a tortilla.

Here's what Wiki says:

A fajita (pronounced /fəˈhiːtə/) (Spanish pronunciation: [faxita]) is a generic term used in Tex-Mex cuisine[1], referring to grilled meat served on a flour or corn tortilla. Though originally only skirt steak[2], popular meats today also include chicken, pork, shrimp and all cuts of beef. In restaurants, the meat is often cooked with onions and bell peppers. Popular condiments are shredded lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, pico de gallo, cheese, and tomato.

Now, go over to Jen's blog, Unglazed, and check out all the other F foods at A to Z Mondays.   What's your favorite F food?


Caution/Lisa said...

French fries and fudge bars. In the same meal.

Mental P Mama said...


Jen said...

Happy Monday Grma J
I am a meat eater! So this looks good to me!

Anonymous said...

We love fajitas, especially shrimp. Wishing you a wonderful week.

Linda said...

They all look fabulous! I want one of those steak fajitas for breakfast!

I Am Woody said...

Vol Fan's favorite meal:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love Mexican food!!!

Daryl said...

I love fajitas .. not the steak ones .. and the other day I was at the eye glass place and a woman was there and she was explaining how she is Paula Dean but not THAT Paula Dean ...

Sherrie said...

I must say I have never eaten a fajitas. But they do look good. Have a great day!

A View of My Life

Cassie said...

Oh man Grandma J, do I need to go change my letter F now?? To compete in the presentation department with Paula Dean. I'm so ashamed. Your fajitas look better than my fajitas. (Sounds like some kind of kid game!!) Happy A-Z Monday. said...

We just had fajitas last night! And skirt steak is the only way to go with them! ;-)

Karen Deborah said...

your makin me flippin famished.
Is there anything PD can't cook?

Minerva said...

I was going to do fajitas too. I made them Friday night for the family. But they were wolfed down too quick for me to get a picture!! Teaches me to call everyone to dinner before I get the camera.

P.S.- How did you like Cop Out?

Loui♥ said...

Grandma J!
you did a fabulous job..
and Fajaitas are one of my very favorite foods..
I have had the skirt steak..but prefer chicken!!
and the first and best place I ever tasted a Fajita..
was in San Antonio TX during Fiesta Week..
at a place in the old Mexican Mercado..
Bluebonnets were blooming,
the air was so fragrant..
and I was in heaven..
of course, I did have a delicious Margarita..
and then Flan for dessert..
what a memorable time!
and all was shared with my best friend!
warmest hugs..laughing smiles..

Unknown said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
So delicious looking.
I can't even take it.
Especially since I just told Kaishon and Gary it was CEREAL night : )
Now I feel like we should go out to the new mexican place that just opened a few weeks ago.

PS Thank you for always loving my pictures. I never need to win a contest because I am a winner in your eyes every week : ) And that means even more than winning! : )

I honestly can't take credit though. Look at my subjects : ) Beyond adorable, right?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Fajitas are heaven-sent. So is guacamole, salsa, sour cream and fritos.

Fritos! Maybe that's my favorite "f" word.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is taco Tuesday.


Ben said...

I LOVES me some fajitas. I love how they come out to the table sizzling. Good choice.

Connie said...

Chicken fajitas are my favorite, I think. Great post, Grandma J! Happy Monday to you! :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Mexican food is my favorite. Which BHE and I will be partaking of tomorrow night!