Monday, May 24, 2010

...the edible edition

Brought to you this week by the letter R

For one of Grandma J's all time favorite cereals.....Rice Krispies. 

Grandma J and her siblings never had sugared cereal as kids, and she never gave it to her kids.   Why you ask?  OK, you didn''t ask, but she'll tell you.   It's because cereal taste awful with sugary milk.

Rice Krispies is crunchy and flavorful without ruining the milk, and Grandma J loves her milk.

As a kid, when Grandma J was one of three kids before the last two brats where born, her mother Rita sent away for three puppets....Snap, Crackle and Pop.   They would be worth plenty today, don't you think?

Grandma J loved making Rice Krispies Treats for her kids.    They still ask her to make them because she uses real butter and lots of marshmallows.

At Christmas time she makes Rice Krispies Treat wreaths.......

They've become a big hit at her daughter's  place of work every year.

Then A-Ron asked Grandma J to make him a special Rice Krispies Treat for his team's bake sale.

Yes, he asked for the Cookie Monster.   Two of them.   They sold for  $5 each.   And yes, the bake sale was in front of could have guessed, right?

Any cookie cutter can turn a Rice Krispies Treat into something festive, patriotic and easy.

But somehow, not everyone gets the drift of making these simple treats.....

It's too bad they never translated the Rice Krispies Treat recipe in Chinese.

Now, mosey on  over to A to Z Mondays and check out a plethora of R foods, hosted by Jen at unglazed.   It's never to late to join in!

Grandma J has a garbage load  plethora of stuff to tell you about her trip and her return to the Spa.   Standing on her head and spitting rubber nickles isn't one of them, but close!


Anonymous said...

I love Rice Krispie Treats. Georgia rarely gets "snowed in" but when I was in college, we had a huge snow storm and the school cafeteria workers could not make it in. We lived off RKT's for two days!!!!!

Connie said...

Clever post, Grandma J! Rice Krispies treats are a big hit with my kids too. They don't take a bath in them though. HA! Happy Monday to you! :)

Linda said...

The last time I made Rice Krispie Treats, I cooked the Marshmallows so long, the treats couldn't be eaten. It was like trying to chew rocks. Poor kids!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love rice krispies too...they are so yummy, but LOUD. :)
You use real butter?
You are my hero.

Unknown said...

I loved this post. I love real butter. You would know that if you saw me in person! I would spend $10 to buy a rice crispy treat you made. That is why it is a good thing Big G works 7 days a week....

I hope Gary sees this on his phone today. I think it will make him smile.

You make me smile!

Karen Deborah said...

Ok the chick taking a bath in the sticky goop is just--EEEEEWWWWWWW yukky. Just eat it don't wallow in it.
Real butter, real marshmellows and um I like the kind with some peanut butter in them too.

please feed me.

Jen said...

You are a Riot....and I am so impressed with your culinary skills!
Happy Monday Grma J!

big hair envy said...

Welcome home, Grandma J! I hope the grandchildren had a fresh batch of Rice Krispie Treats waiting for you when you got home;)

Loui♥ said...

I too love Rice Krispies..
and you gave me a REALLY good laugh with the Chinese photo..

hollywood said...

We never had sugar cereal when we were kids either--my mom didn' allow it. However, I do.

I love the wreaths and the patriotic stars. I remember the picture of Cookie Monster.

AND I seem to recall the lady in the tub from someplace else? hahah

Daryl said...

OMG! I had those hand puppets too! My mom made me rice krispie snacks one time and one time only .. I seem to recall her going on and on and on about what a lot of work/mess it was ... but the good news is our cafeteria here at work makes them! I might even indulge today as dessert to my lunch ...

Looking forward to reading about your adventures!!!!!

Cassie said...

I NEvEr knew you could make so many cool things with rice crispy treats...I loVe 'em!! I've never made RCtreats,but always buy them at bake sales. yum. Those wreaths are you ship out of state?? Happy Day kiddo!

Ben said...

Rice Krispies - an American Classic! I am glad someone selected 'em!

Minerva said...

Uhhh...What's with the leek-looking green plant in the tub with the girl? Not sure what THAT'S about!

I used to make pumpkin shaped crispy treats. I like your Cookie Monster ones much better!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ- Guess what - I agree about the sugary cereal, but when we were comin' along, we poured the Rice Krispies in the bowl, added the milk and then put a tablespoon --or 2!-- or sugar on top. Yes, we added sugar.

What? Did you say that Margaret or PJB was coming early for Blog Fest and that he/they would be toting a boxful of rice krispy treats?

That's what I thought I heard, but if the treats are too much, perhaps one of them can make the journey to scope things out and report back to you on what exactly is needed.

Mental P Mama said...

Does that girl have a scallion growing out of her crotch? Have mercy.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I love rice krispie treats so does little t! cant wait to hear all about your trip!