Sunday, April 27, 2008


The phrase can be used to coordinate hidden players in the game "kick the can", where a group of children hide within a given radius and a "seeker" is left to guard a can filled with rocks. The seeker has to try to find the "hiders" without allowing them to sneak in and kick the can.
*another tidbit courtesy of my best friend Wikipedia*

But just for today we're not playing games I'm calling out a few of my reader friends. I won't call them lurkers names because I'm nicer than that. I just want to say thank you for letting me know you read this blog at work.

To be fair, they aren't the only ones. There are some real lurkers out there. They remain anonymous but I imagine they might look like this guy. And this guy too. Together they are like peas in a pod, and they aren't real....but they represent some people who I miss. So there you have it. That's basically what is considered a lurker, or a quasi-lurker...or maybe semi-lurker. It's a phrase I use in jest. Oh, and those friends of mine? Yes, they are real friends. We were all co-workers before I jump ship and retired last year. But don't be fooled thinking it all ended just like that. No way....they are the kind of friends that have been there when you need them. Each is very unique and special. They all love animals and kids. Some like a little bit of Nascar, football or slot machines...because they are basically the same thing. And, here they are all gussied up all smiles and happy. Oh, and girlfriends....don't look behind you! You know who that is..I told him about my blog because he's retired and his wife still works he has some spare time after he finishes his "honey do" list. It's rough being retired. But with nice friends back in So CA sucking up those tax dollars doing the people's work I couldn't be happier.

Can I get an AMEN?


Anonymous said...

You are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Your friends look nice, even the furry anonymous ones.

Some People Call Me Mom said...

You have a gift using paint. That's a good looking bunch of lurkers.

Why is it that real life friends are uncomfortable posting on our blogs? Are we that scary?

BOSSY said...

You say Lurker like it's a Bad Thing. Bossy supposes she's been found out.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Are you happy now Grandma J. I noticed that you didn't have a new post, so I decided you were waiting for one of us to post. O.k. I did, so now you can think of a new post. I like the color of my dress.