Tuesday, April 22, 2008


....and I think they forgive me because I can feel the love.

Remember a while back I discovered two birds falling in love and building a nest on my back porch? Then I ran out and bought them a bird feeder and lots of bird feed? And remember how I climbed up on a ladder to hang the feeder..even though they were dive bombing me? And I waved a WalMart bag around, flailing from the top of the ladder in self defense?

Remember how I waited and waited for them to come back around to thank me to eat and continue with their family planning? And, they never came back? Instead I had every bird East of El Paso in the hood swarming and pooping on my porch. Once the feeder was empty...I decided to leave it empty.

I was sad. I was sadder than sad.

Then this morning, I went out on my porch to get my broom so I could ride it to WalMart sweep up the kitchen...because I am very energetic when it comes to cleaning.........ZZZZOOOOOOOMMMMMM. I was being dive bombed! Unfortunately I had to duck back inside and forget about the broom.

I looked out, and this is what I saw!
Was it one of my love birds? The feeder was empty, not one speck of bird food and every bird for miles knew it. So, I open the door and right away, this bird let's me know that I'm not sweeping my kitchen any time soon welcome out on the porch. No way Jose! It's OK....I can dry mop the floor instead of sweeping. But there is a bigger issue...

I look up in the corner and the deserted nest is much bigger and has an occupant.
Yes, they are back and I am happy!

I think the bird in the nest is the Daddy bird because he is so colorful. The one on guard duty is not so much. It also appears as though the one in the nest is feeding babies...its head keeps bobbing up and down.

I can't see or hear any babies....If I could open the door maybe I could hear something, but the other bird means business and I don't want to scare them away again.

It warms my heart to know that they feel safe and at home on my porch. So I am satisfied knowing they came back, and I am anxiously waiting to see the peeps! If all goes well, they will be back next year because that's how birds roll....


heartshapedhedges said...

how sweet.

I had to laugh that you were up early in the morning ready to clean, sort of brought back unpleasant flashbacks, sort of, since Im not a morning person, and the cleaning isnt a big hit on my list either.

I have a cute idea....you can hang little bird feeders, pine cones with seeds, Beauty loves to make them. Hang them from the Dividing Line of the roof, and they can work as a "porch divider" or sorts, sort of like a green version of those 60's beads that people hung in doorways. KWIM? Can you picture it?

Anonymous said...

I'm a 7 am worker and it never gets easier to get up at 6 am. I feel your pain. Don't ever do it again if you don't have to!

The Running Girl said...

That looks like the same kind of next that gets built on my parents porch - EVERY year. If it's the same kind of birds, they don't like birdhouses, they like to build their own. And they will be back, year after year after year.

CGS said...

YEAH! I'm so glad your birds are back! That made me happy! =) Meg