Monday, April 21, 2008


I was up and about very early this morning. It seemed so strange to be driving somewhere with a purpose before seven a.m., with the sun just rising over the horizon. Driving with my headlights on. It was so mainstream, so deja vu for me. Before I retired, work started at seven, which meant I was on the road by six-thirty every morning. That was the routine for years, and today, it felt strange but good.

After my appointment I went grocery shopping. For the first time in a long time, I didn't buy any junk...well no ice cream or cookies. I decided to buy the fixings for a patty melt. For some reason, I hadn't had one since leaving CA. So, I get the rye bread, Jewish Rye...because I think it has the most flavor, and it's probably kosher. I bought some frozen, pre-shaped, ground angus....and some nice big tomatoes.

So blah, blah, blah.... I get home, put stuff away, clean up the leaky liquid dish soap and start to fix my patty melt. I try to stay away from cheese because it's binding...and I'm getting used to going without it. Just don't let the California Happy Cows know, because for them? It's the Cheese!

Yeah, OK, so I can just see you guys drooling over this. The really exciting part for me is the retro diet pepsi glass that I got at a gas station in the 80's. I just recently unpacked it. And this is what the other side says:

This picture is courtesy of E-Bay. ...uh huh!

Then, since I'm already flashed back to the 80's....I hunted down this relic from 1978 for tomorrow's coffee. It's from McDonalds.

That's how it went today.....I can't help but believe that she is the one who recently put me in this retro state of mind.

Marey, the quality is poor because the picture is old, but I thought you might like this.


The Running Girl said...

I have a road bike vs a tri bike because in triathlons you can't draft and need to be more "aero" to go faster. I'll try to post of picture of both. The tri bike is also set up in a way that your legs are suppose to be fresher when you get off the bike so you can still run.

As far as you coming before Tahoe, that's fine. I think Cortney mentioned May 18. That's a Sunday and Sunday's are usually either easy days or off days, so come on. I don't pack my bike up until May 25th.

Anonymous said...

I don't like cheese because it used to be something else. I have a thing about stuff like that..except ice cream for obvious reasons. Is that picture you? Is that a lizard? yeeeeowwwww!


Anonymous said...

I think Sandy's comment is more interesting so I'll comment on that. She doesn't eat things that used to be something else.

Like chicken fried steak used to be a cow??? or it was processed into a different form?

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I just got to read what I missed on vacation...was that picture taken in Mexico? An iguana? Very cool glasses too...I really can relate to the Garfield one :) I also remember when there were "gas wars" and each station would give out glasses or antenna balls to entice you to buy their gas....and when a car drove into the station and rang the bell 2 guys would come running out, wash the windshield, check the oil, pump the gas and take your payment and the driver never left the car. Geez, what will kids today say in 30 years... "What's a gas station?"