Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I had a poll on this site last week. It listed the gazillion different versions of Tide Laundry Detergent. It also had the option of choosing, "I don't use Tide, it's all a marketing ploy".....or something very similar. Guess what? No one picked that option!

Overwhelmingly, the most popular Tide for my readers was this one.

When you only have six readers....three seems like an overwhelming majority...yes, it does!

Then I decided to see what my mother's options were when she was a young housewife and mother of five. That would be if she used Tide...because I'm not sure she would spend that kind of money....after all, her mother used Oxydol or Dreft. If she did use Tide, it would have been this one.
Because there was only one Tide...and yes the big selling point was WITH OR WITHOUT RINSING! It says so right on the box. Can't see it? Well don't take my word for it....these ladies will tell you.

The one thing they didn't have was this!
I don't like fabric softeners...and I don't like dryer sheets...they make me itch. But this stuff smells so good you could almost have it for dessert.
But no way Jose'.

This is what's for dessert.
This is Haagen Daz RESERVE Amazon Valley Chocolate.....I had to try it...which doesn't mean I've stopped my new physical fitness program. I know there are skinny people out there and I owe it to them to bring them this Public Service Announcement....because I'm nothing if not helpful that way.

For the rest of you? Here's a coupon to use on your next purchase of Tide. Now y'all go have a nice day.


Some People Call Me Mom said...

I hardly ever buy the stuff (Tide, that is. Heaven help the people around my family if I wasn't washing their clothes!) because it's so expensive - but I love the way it smells.

Your recommendation is duly noted, but I just have to suggest for those who are able - Tillamook Mudslide. The best thing I have experienced since we made our way back to California...

I'll be back again for a visit!

Cortney said...

I have to use the colorless, odorless stuff because I am an itchy person!

Me and the dogs don't have quite as much fun as you and JJ. They are asleep in the other room and I'm watching a documentary about Puff Daddy as a fashion designer. Exciting stuff!!!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Love that coupon! 8 cents!!

My beverage of choice in the morning is milk :)

I don't drink coffee so Starbucks is out...but Baskin Robbins is selling scoops for 31 cents on April 30!!

heartshapedhedges said...

I dont even know what kind of stuff I use, I stand around in the aisle, unscrewing the caps and smell a bunch of them, and then just pick whatever suits my fancy on that day (taking price into consideration)...I buy the super jumbo size, with the squirt button, they seem to last a long time.

I really only judge by smell, because nothing seems to get the stains out of my kids clothes anyways, so as long as they smell fresh, right?

Cortney said...

Oh and my beverage of juice (when not tequila!) is Coke!

CGS said...

We use Tide. I like the kind that's April Rain or Breeze or whatever. I also like dryer sheets. I can really tell when my husband forgets to use them when he does the laundry. Because yes, he does most of the laundry. If I'm lucky, he even puts it away, which is good, because I HATE putting laundry away.

Cortney said...

Here's what I have to tell you about my sister (cgs) before she was married she had to use Victoria Secret laundry soap and dryer sheets(she's very high-class!). And one day my mom and I told her that we used it to wash the dish rags and she about had a heart attack! Running around all mad about how much that stuff costs and how it's for delicates only and blah blah blah. It was really hilarious!!!