Monday, June 2, 2008



Looks like Marci was executed, even though the others all wanted Nicole, AKA Dr. Whiney to be executed. What did you think of the first episode? Did Marci deserve to go home?

Tonight is the season premier of The Mole. Twelve people are on an international mission. The goal? Guess who's the mole. Guess wrong, go home. They follow the clues, trusting no one. I've never watched this from start to finish before, usually because of other commitments like work or hot dates work, or something else. I'm anxious to see every episode this season. Are you game? Then let me introduce the players.

Liz is from Montana and feels her age is an asset, bringing wisdom, which means confusion and incontinence.
Marci married young, getting pregnant with her first child in high school. She wants to prove that a stay at home mother of three is more than just a mom.
Alex is an accomplished muscian but can play dirty if he has to....he's also an expert marksman.

Craig blames his sleep apnea on his weight, and sleeps with a machine He has been a disaster worker in Turkey and Thailand.

Ali is a model and ring girl for the Ultimate Fighting Championships, and she's very religious. She also has a 75% accuracy rate with a shotgun!

Bobby feels his experience as a restaurant manager, and having good "gaydar" gives him the ability to read others.

Mark is married 18 years with three children and a fourth on the way. He works two jobs and has an IQ of 143...really?

Nicole doesn't want the fact that she's a medical doctor to fool us. She can be a street pro when need be.

Clay is a married father of a two year old. He knows his experience as a criminal litigation attorney makes him smarter that most.
Kristen had a privileged childhood and feels her experience showing horses and modeling gives her an advantage.

Paul also doubles as a wedding DJ on the weekends, and is a former "pla'ya".
Victoria is a small town pageant girl and cheerleader from Bishop Texas. and admits being a daddy's girl....and an Aggie.

If you watch the show, let me know who you think The Mole is....


Pumpkin Delight said...

I have recorded it and will watch it when I work out tomorrow morning. I will reply back with my thoughts on who might be the mole. Is Cooper Anderson the host again? I hope so...I like him.

Grandma J said...

Pumpkin and others who may be on PDT, I keep forgetting that I'm two hours ahead of you, and therefore have to remember not to post who got executed until it airs on the west coast. The host this year is Jon Kelley, who I'm not familiar with. Seems ok though.

heartshapedhedges said...

Good thing I just now logged on, any sooner and you would have BLOWN the show for me, our favorite show at that (since My Honey insists that ABC stole his idea for a show.....another story for another post.)

I think Victoria might be the Mole (if I have the names down...takes me a few weeks to sort everyone out.) But I think she is the cheerleader that didnt even try to jump for that bag.

The new MC, John Kelley, or whomever, Im sure he used to do voiceovers, because he has the perfect voice.

anyhoo...that whiner chick is pathetic. I cant believe she is a doctor, because she acts so immature.

Speaking of doctors, that one gal thinks her ability to show horses is an advantage? HELLO? She is a neuroscientist for goodness sakes, Id say her smarts are her asset.

And, speaking of smarts and assetts....lots of shooters in the group, Ill just say that at Cancer Camp this weekend, I consistantly outshot everyone on the riflery range, dont think I ever shot outside the mid-bulls eye area. And as for IQ's and stuff....well, Grandma J, I dont have to tell you who has them all beat!

Anonymous said...

I've never really watched it before but I just watched it online since you called me out on it. I don't get how they figure out who's eliminated. I needed a new show to watch anyway.

And I'd like to say that Victoria can't be an Aggie because she said she was a college cheerleader and we ALL KNOW that A&M doesn't have girl cheerleaders. She's a liar!

Grandma J said...

Cortney, I think there answers on the quiz determines who gets executed. This is my first year of paying attention, so I could be wrong.
Also, I understood Victoria's bio to say she had been a cheerleader, but not where. Could it have been in High School?
You are the house expert on Aggies, so I believe you...btw, what's an Aggie?

Grandma J said...

Ok people it's their, not there and play not pay...sorry

The Running Girl said...

Thanks for the well wishes for the ride. It was absolutely wonderful! Hopefully I'll have time to post a review and pictures soon. Got in at midnight last night and am at work today, so I haven't even unpacked yet.