Saturday, June 14, 2008

with a sprinkle of whine

Let me be honest. Most of the time I never let small irritants run off my back like water on ducks. But sometimes, even the small stuff makes me call for a major time out.

I'll start with my minor injury, which occurred last Friday, and just may turn into a long term career. First alert...when you run to find your ringing cell phone, don't thrust your hand forward if there is a solid object directly in front of a wall. After an initial visit to the ER, where the doctor's diagnosis was "Beats me" , I had follow-up ex rays yesterday, and the general consensus was a double fracture to the pinkie finger..which seems to stretch all the way to my elbow. So they referred me to an Orthopedic professional...yep, that's what they called it. Another dose of icing anyone? My doctor also referred me to a sleep apnea specialist....saaaweeeet.

Next on the list is my jealousy of this cute little squirt.
The e-trade baby who hired a creepy clown with part of his windfall profits. Because it's not enough that his savvy trading far out did my Fidelity Funds, he rubbed poop in my face and got this!
Yeah, his own Blackberry. I know it's not my coveted 3G, but it sure beats the cheapo cell phone I currently use.

So, to make me feel better, and to remind me that others "have had it up to here" too.
Is this a hoot? Haven't you ever wanted to do something like this on your way out the door?
And this one makes you want to organize and gang up on the person who made everyone late.

I saved the icing on the cake, as it were, for last. I know, you're rolling your eyes wishing you never started reading this whine. But with all the airlines trimming the extras like seats meals or snacks, and charging to check your luggage, US Airways is also cutting out the free beverage service. I'm not talking about rum and coke, or bloody mary', it's things like coffee, soda and WATER!

Now, I wouldn't mind if I could bring my own because I'm pretty fussy about my bottled water. I like AquaFina, period. The thing is, you can't bring liquids through security. That means you are forced to buy their beverages. I know some airports have places where you can buy food and drinks after you pass the security check-in, but not all airports.

So basically flying is more or less similar to traveling in a tin can....and need I remind you that I'm flying US Airways on my flight from Anchorage to OC? That would be right around 3,669 miles.


Karen said...

I know what you mean about trying to get something simple taken care of. I've had three surgeries on one knee and I don't think it's any better. My pc originally thought I needed knee replacement, and after all this surgery and missing work, it looks like that may happen afterall.
those baby commercials are a hoot, I don't know how they do it. but then I love the geico gecko.
Don't mention airlines to me. They are a major sore subject around here.

heartshapedhedges said...

Your pinky is fractured to the elbow? I didnt know it went up that you mean, your ulna or radius is fractured?

Those bilboards are a hoot!

Imagine on your last day as a buyer for the could have bought a bunch of panty liners and cat food! HA!

Grandma J said...

Ok, when you look at the exrays of my pinkie..the fractures are way up almost to my wrist, which of course is on the way up my arm to my elbow.
Yep, I could have purchased a whole lot of panty liners and catfood. Boatloads!

jlo said...

Sorry to hear about your pinkie/arm/elbow. Hopefully the orthopedic "professional" can help. Yikes!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

All of a sudden, my entire arm started hurting. Can you fracture an arm just by reading about someone else's?

I hope the ortho "professional" (um, what else would he/she be?) can put you on the road to a speedy recovery.

Ouch, that has to hurt.