Tuesday, June 17, 2008

..at the compound

After my morning coffee, I put on my bathing suit and wandered out to the pool. The pool is about 30 feet from my back porch, so it's convenient to go over there several times a day. And that's what I did today.

This morning it was empty for a short time, which allowed me to do some laps in my awkward combo stroke. Then a few of the "guys" showed up. I keep waiting for the young, cute, tanned hunky guys to show up, but then I remember, this is a senior complex. After a while the guys started showing off, and then it got a bit scary so I left.

I skipped back over a while later for the aqua aerobics class. Not bad, but there's more yakking about who's doing it right than actual aerobics. As much as I enjoy this exercise class, I make a point of not remembering names.
After dinner I went back over for a nice evening swim. I ran into Donna.
This is Donna...OK, pretend this is Donna. Donna's a talker, and a little funky. That's OK, whatever floats her boat. She starts telling me about a phone conversation she had with her son on Father's day. She said she told her son she has a new pen pal....Theodore Kaczynski, the Una bomber, who is currently serving a life sentence, without the possibility of parole. She laughed, and of course I laughed too because, she was joking right? I mean even if it wasn't exactly funny, it's only polite to pretend and not be rude. So, yeah, I laughed right along with Donna.

Then Donna said, "I have to be careful or my son will have me locked up". I said, "Oh, I know, sometimes I'm afraid my kids will too." Donna looks at me with a straight face and asks, "How many times have you been admitted"? I'm like, "well none", she said, "They've taken me away three times." I guess she saw the stunned look on my face, and said, "oh don't worry, I only get loony when I forget to take my meds."

So, I slowly eased myself away, bid Donna a good night, and called it a day. Life is grand around the pool at the compound.


heartshapedhedges said...

See what you went and did? You thought it would be such a great idea to retire early, and move to Texas, and now you have yourself surrounded....by the ever-imposing-onto-your-patio lady next door, and these wackos at the pool.

Should have stayed in CA grandma, and, then you probably wouldnt have hurt your pinky, or something like that.

Maybe we can have you committed...not being of sound mind, poor judgement, etc....and find you a nice little senior center around here....Ill make sure they have bingo!

CGS said...

Why don't you check out some of the local apartment complexes and use their pools. They'll never notice you don't live there and there would probably be some cute, young guys. =)

philly said...

Too funny !
Good times at the compound!

Cortney said...

I need to come up there for a swim. Sounds hilarious! I like crazy old guys too! :)

The Running Girl said...

Wow. Sounds like you've got some interesting neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Kim is right you should have stayed here. We have alot of crazy people here as well, but at least it is not so humid. But then there is that little fact that your rent would be at least $1000 dollars more a month, so maybe not.

I didn't understand what Kim meant by "retire early" it seems to me that you retired 5 years after you should have. But i guess that is the goverment employee in me.

Anyway good luck with the crazy old people.

Carol Z.

heartshapedhedges said...

Carol, Grandma J still has a lot of good working years in her, besides the fact that she is not even 65.

That woman is a work horse, seriously...it was sort of a waste to hang things up at such a young age.

besides, if you are going to retire, a beach side community is really the best way to go....not to mention being close to the younger grandchildren that really need her babysitting expertise.

Grandma J said...

Wrong, HSH. I WAS a work horse. No longer! I am not of the mindset to have every bit of energy sucked out of me in the work place. Besides, I like the idea of not having a schedule.

I'm a strong proponent of the 3% @55 formula...even though I'm jealous of the sheriffs who get 3.5% @50.

Anonymous said...

Why did you add .3% to the retirement percentage we only get 2.7% at 55 and it cost me about $723 a month for that. So I have to retire at 55 to save the $8,675 dollars a year.

Kim, I did try to talk her into that baby sitting job. But I guess that was because I thought it would be good for me to still have my friend around.
Carol Z.

P.S. J we well all miss you at the 4th of July get together

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to add that we now have three people doing your job here at Geomatics (Surveys) so I guess you were a work horse.

Carol Z.

Grandma J said...

Well, Carol Z., If it takes three people to do my job, then 3% is a small price for the County to pay me. The fact is, I took it right at the oportune time to pad it with the cola...without the rum.
The word is, those three are slackers because one of my lurkers is going bananas. Just saying.

Oh dang it, I hate it when I miss all the partys.

And, has your husband considered retiring since gas is so high, and then day care? He can be Mr. Mom.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

This is the first time I've read anything here, but I've seen your name so often on the same blogs that I read. I can't believe I haven't been reading--this is hilarious. I linked from Jason's single sentence soup.

Anonymous said...

Doug works uptown now so it would not save gas because we car pool. Will's Grandmas didn't move to Texas so day care is cheap, but i did give my Mom a raise to help pay for gas. Beleive me i know how lucky we are to have the Grandmas looking after Will.
Anyway Doug is not looking to retire anytime soon, he would miss me to much.

Carol Z.

Carole said...

I totally LOL at the pic where you note about the two men in the photo, "One is sleeping and one is dead". You are SO FUNNY! And stay away from that Donna!

Gerbil said...

Hilarious!!! I'm still plugging along, reading new blogs from The List (who needs Borders for my summer reading?)

Keeper Of All Things said...

Well what did you think when the day started off with the dead guy? LOL

Life with Kaishon said...

I had never read this post before and it was very interesting...as all of your posts are : ). Sleeping and Dead? So funny!