Wednesday, June 18, 2008


That's right, it's me and JJ. His family flew the coop to Tucson today for a family reunion for my son-in-law's family. They are gone for five days and JJ knows it. It's not like he doesn't have me to hang with, but really? My "one" to their "four" doesn't equate quite the same.
Although, I must say, I can't blame him, he does have some pretty comfy digs. From this vantage point he can see the front door, back door, master bedroom door, and staircase leading to my granddaughter and grandson's rooms. No one can get in or out without JJ knowing it.
Just as I start to wonder whether or not I matter, I utter those magic words that if responded to in the right way, will reaffirm JJ's love for Grandma J........

Who wants to go bye-bye in the car?
He loves me!!
Their PC is on the fritz, so I will try to come back to my place every day if possible to update. JJ can't stay here because I don't trust my nosey neighbors. If they see JJ and tattle, it's a $300 deposit....just to let him visit. Damn old farts!


Anonymous said...

Good ol' JJ. You never know that crazy lady might try to take him to the mental hospital with her next time she gets admitted. best to keep him at his house!

Pumpkin Delight said...

Oh my gosh, that 2nd picture makes my heart hurt. I get the same look from my dog when I am packing for/leaving for somewhere. Dogs kill me I tell you.

The Running Girl said...

JJ looks so sad. Hope the care trip perked him up.

Rachael said...

You asked for it Grandma J! Here is a question. I asked Dear Abby, but she didn't answer.

My mother died when I was a teenager. Since then my father has been engaged 3 times, married twice, divorced once. While watching me care for my grandmother, Dad's current wife looked at me and said, "I'm really glad you'll be the one to take care of me when your Dad goes."

There is no question Dad will go first; however, there is also no question that I am not responsible for his wife. What should I have said? I just looked at her until Dad changed the subject.


Grandma J said...

Oh my, I'm sorry that Dear Abbey didn't answer you. I'm flattered that you're asking me ahead of Dr. Laura.

OK, so here is how I see it...your dad's wife admires you and recognizes the fact that you are a good caring person. While it won't be your responsibility to take care of her once your dad is gone, I'm guessing she won't have anyone else. Or she doesn't see the same qualities in them. You must be very special. When the time comes, if you aren't up to personally taking on the challenge and responsiblity, perhaps you can oversee whoever her caretaker is because it sounds like she will name you as next of kin.

I wouldn't worry about it too much right now. It sounds like she is younger than your dad. If in fact she out lives him by several years, she just may remarry. I'd also take note of the care she gives your dad if he ever needs it.

Whew! I hope I made some sense, and even though I have four grown kids, they may want to call on you to help out when I ummm, you know, need help.

gaining some lb's said...

JJ just relaxin at memoms howlse!!!


Holy Crappers said...

JJ is on vacation !!