Friday, July 25, 2008


Today was the day our little guy JJ, had to have his annual physical and immunizations....SHOTS! I agreed to take him, but I made others go with me for moral support.

When I had my own dog, Charlie, I never held him, or even stayed in the same room with him when he got shots. He had to know it wasn't my all. His

oldest sister used to scream bloody murder, scratch, run, kick, bite, you name it! To this day she's scared to death. I didn't want JJ to be traumatized and blame me.
I explained to his siblings that he would be getting three shots, a blood test, and a fecal sample would be collected. A what?
I explained that they needed some fresh poop to check for worms and stuff. EWWWWWW! Just the realization of exactly how that happens was a sad awakening for the kids.

The nurse took JJ back into another room for the tests. Then she came back with the Doctor. ok, so some of you call her a vet. She looked in his ears and nose.....listened to his heart, checked his teeth and THEN SAID IT WAS TIME FOR THE SHOTS. What? I thought that was done already! We had to leave the room. And yes, JJ cried with each one! They tried to sooth things over with some crappy doggie treats....and JJ turned his nose up! I asked the Dr. if they might have some bacon strips or sausage treats but no!
They gave us JJ's rap sheet.

You can't say Grandma J isn't the bravest, kindest, clueless grandma in the world.
Actually, she did great for a fourteen year old.
We left and took JJ home. Where we gave him two nice chewy steak bites.


Anonymous said...

Thanx to Grandma J for taking JJ to get his shots!!!! Guess who gets to get a haircut now!!!!!1

Grandma J said...

Anonymous, I know who you are! Cut the little guy some slack! He had a bath today. Maybe he'll get a haircut next week.

Grandma J said...

Again to anonymous, I thought you'd be more freaked about the driving lesson.

tj said...

...GJ, you're a HOOT! And that dog is the cutest ever! You were lucky, usually they ask YOU to bring in the fecal sample... :o)

...Cute kids too...

...Blessings... :o)

Anonymous said...

Poor baby..what a sweety..actually JJ reminds me of my mom and dad's Teddy..Awee..

You need to tell me what happened on Big Brother while I was gone..any scoop? hook ups?

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I too have to bring a fecal sample. I just love spending the morning of appointments following my do around with a ziploc baggie. That's usually when she wants to walk around FOREVER! JJ is adorable.
Chitlens are precious, and driving lessons? My daughter is always asking to drive. She is pretty good except for the corners- she speeds up.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That is one very cute dog and you are one very funny lady.

Grandma J said...

JJ goes to a great clinic. I've heard that they are more expensive than others in the area but they also have some pluses like very close to home, receptionist with a British accent, seperate entries for cats and dogs, they take fecal samples, not you. They remember your dogs name, and act happy to see him/her (a biggy for me, since my last dog's vet didn't remember us from one visit to the next. After 12 yrs we changed vets.
Also, JJ gets a nice new rap sheet with a current picture every exam. I'm so into fluff, aren't I? So is JJ.

Oh, they do need better treats.

Rebeckah said...

Isn't that the worst feeling? I used to cry when Kaish had to get shots. What beautiful children! I think the vet's office should at least have great snacks since they have to administer painful shots, but the other perks are nice : ). A receptionist with a british accident? Well, that alone is worth an extra $10 a visit! Driving lessons with you would totally ROCK!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Don't even get me started on 14 yr old and dogs driving!!!!JK

Anonymous said...

You and JJ are so adorable Grandma J! Came over from dlisted but totally love your blog. You're awesome. <3