Saturday, July 5, 2008


Remember me telling you that my son-in-law had special plans for the family Grandma J for Independence Day? Oh wait, I forgot to tell you...but he did.

We hopped in my daughters van and headed out to the largest Army Base in the Country, Fort Hood. Independence Day is celebrated in true patriotic tradition there.
The day starts around noon with a festive carnival with games, food, rides, food and music. There are continuous events throughout the day in the stadium. The 1st Cavalry Division's Horse Cavalry Detachment was the most amazing for me. I mean combine a soldier, and a cowboy in one uniform, on a still my heart.
Grandma J was shocked and couldn't believe her eyes when she found out these locals were having a competition.
I have to say, H.E.B. played a crucial supportive role in this whole celebration. They handed out fans, and all the bottled water you could drink...all day. Free! You didn't have to ask either, their employees were in several locations with outstretched hands, with water. Grandma J was impressed and wanted to hug thank everyone of them.

And guess what else the good folks at H.E.B. do for the community? I mean this is so unbelievable! And yes, I signed up JJ for the birthday club!
Because it was so hot, we left around five and headed over to our new local theatre to see this.
Hancock! Have you ever seen a Will Smith movie that you didn't like? Neither have I. I loved it! Which just goes to show you how little Grandma J knows about movies because I don't seem to ever agree with the experts. But wait! Grandma J is an expert movie critic. My wonderful
grandson likes to sit next to me just in case I get emotional.

I think he asked me a zillion times if I was crying....then he looks over at his mom to see if she's crying.

The day ended with me watching some fireworks off in the distance....from the compound home, which was perfect. How was your day?


Grandma J said...

Rebeckah, I put a link to H.E.B's website in my post. The name is derived from the the youngest son of the founder, Charles Butt, Howard E. Butt. :)

heartshapedhedges said...

We have a pretty amazing 4th of July set up in our community. It's run by residents, so it's all neighbors and people you know (not to be confused with 2 years ago, when they massively advertised county wide, and we had 1/2 of the Inland Empire at our festivities.)

The morning starts with a 5K run...and I totally would have gone, because Im all athletic like that and stuff, but, my alarm didnt go off, yeah, that's it, my alarm didnt work.

Pancake breakfast followed.....a parade.....and then the whole center of our town was turned into a fun center, including games, rides, food, a Cirque De Soliel performer, a dog that does math (I thought of JJ, and other dogs that you folks treat like real people)...and LIVE music.

the finale is a fireworks show that many think is the best they have ever seen. Always set to music, maybe Disneyland is better, *maybe*...but ours is pretty good....and then everyone walks home and talks about how happy they are to be in our grand little town.

good times.

Anonymous said...

Had a lovely day. My nephew had a weekend leave from the army, was good to see him.
Was a overcast most of the day but the rain held off til around 6.

I ate and drank too much as usually.


Karen said...

I love Independence Day. We spend it with friends at the golf course with a picnic on the lawn.
We BBQ on the 5th with the inlaws.
I've seen those army horses before in parades and always wondered if those were real soldiers, or just guys wearing period costumes like when guys do the Civil War reenactments. I was surprised to see that they are actual service men. Next, Labor Day lol

Philly said...

Oh and by the way Grandma thanks for the review on the movie.
Went to see it today with skaterboy. I totally love Will Smith and even though we do not see him bare chested in this movie he does look mighty fine in his leather super hero costume.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Grandma J sure knows how to pack a whole lot of action--and punch-- into a day! I don't have your stamina/endurance.

However, I will say that I cry at almost EVERY movie I see, even if it is not even remotely cry-able. My son and daughter expect it now. Actually I cry at sporting events, at watching Dancing With the Stars, at watching the sun come up, at wathing it go down.

I have issues....your 4th was way more eventful than mine.

Happy Saturday.

Grandma J said...

CBW, I probably had more walking in the heat, wondering who the heck moved the van so far away. I can't stand the humidity when the temp is over 95. I always visualize collapsing, and having a bunches of people just walk over and around me.
I cry at the drop of a hat too, but Hancock didn't have even a trace of cry material. Maybe a twelve year old boy would cry seeing Will Smith in a leather/rubber tight super hero suit. I found it sexy, or at least tight.