Monday, July 28, 2008


I love it when I see a movie that I almost passed up, and end up loving it. Somehow the real critics and I don't see things the same lately. I thought Step Brothers was hysterical and then some. There is a performance towards the end that satisfied a nerdy part of me...but I'm cool like that, and have learned to embrace the nerd in me.

Go see it without reservations, you won't be sorry. My friend
Marey reminded me about what a great guy Will Ferrell is off screen:

"Will Ferrell auctioned off an "extra" part in that movie on eBay and the proceeds all went to a cancer scholarship for kids who had/have I will see the movie no matter what the review because he donates a lot of time and money to the cause...and also because Daughter #1 gets a scholarsihp from that....and Pooper could about 10 years :)"

Marey's Daughter #1 and my grandson Pooper are both leukemia survivors. They traveled that journey around the same time. So when people like Will Ferrell reach out to cancer kids it means the world to us. So when you laugh your silly head off watching Step Brothers, keep in mind what a big heart that goof ball has!

And because I'm so tickled? I invited the Step Brothers to my aqua aerobics today


Rebeckah said...

I think the step brothers would LOVE your aerobics class! I love that he has a big heart also. That is my favorite thing about people. Guess what? Work wasn't as terrible as I thought. Thanks for your words of encouragement : ). Keep praying!

Anonymous said...

You and that red bathing suit! You are EVERYWHERE! I'll have to check it out. I still haven't seen any of the last 20 movies you recommended!

Anonymous said...

That looks SO funny...we're going to see XFiles though tonight, I let hubby pick.

Lynne said...

Good! I can't wait to see it tomorrow!