Saturday, July 12, 2008

or as they say in the world of County Government, The Mailroom runs the Agency.

And that's how it seems to be. That's how it's always seemed to be all the years I worked at this particular agency. Now, no one would admit this because how embarrassing would that be for an Agency Director?

Here's a few examples to explain things to you.

This is the door to the mail room. The hours minutes posted plain as day.

The rules are simple......just because the door is closed, and you are forbidden to knock, doesn't mean you can call us or email us. It's not our fault that you have a binding contract that has to be postmarked today. And no, we really don't care that you can't predict when an earthquake will hit, or a mudslide happen. The mailroom is not responsible for acts of Mother Nature! WE AREN'T GODS!

This is they guy who makes the rules. He has worked in the mailroom for 33 years and knows his stuff so don't even try to plead with him for a favor.
These are his helpers who distribute the mail. In a pinch, you can usually locate them by finding out which floor or department is having a potluck, baby shower, birthday or retirement party. These guys can sniff out food within a three mile radius.

Now, I don't work there anymore.....I retired over a year ago. I have friends there and I like to send birthday cards to them. Oh sure, I could send them to their homes, but I don't. One reason is because they like to shout out "Oh lookie, Grandma J sent me a birthday card!" and then someone else will say, "Oh wow, did she send money can I read it?"

Yeah, they still remember me. I even make arrangements to go to the blood bank with my old donor buddy when I visit.

I know the rules and I know the mailroom opens all mail looking for money, for security reasons. And then they have Security check it out.

So, I put a message on the back of the envelopes, and of course my name and return address is on the front.....what I'm saying is....they know me!

My last birthday recipient, Xeroxed the envelope and emailed it to me saying, "Once again, the mailroom accidentally opened the card you sent." This is it! Gosh darn it, I miss those mail guys! Big time!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


I'm also a govt worker and they do indeed open everything. In another life I worked at Major Corporation in the No.Va. area and the folks who worked in the various mailrooms--and also the reprographic departments--in the basement of each building were truly characters. It was like a whole different world with a complely different culture.

Thanks again for all the tips. I received my first e-mail notification and am thrilled.

Caroline said...

Back in the day when I worked in "the firm" going to the mailroom was the best. The only place in the whole office where people actually laughed. And you are spot on about smelling food--If I opened a package of saltines at my desk they could smell it. But their favorite activity was making microwave popcorn at 3:00 PM which would stink up the whole office and make everyone salivate like one of Pavlov's dogs!

Karen said...

Tell me! Your mail room sounds so much like the one at my agency...yeah, it must be the government mentality. We have very strict guidelines for everything because of the nature of our department (law enforcement). BUT...not the mail room folks! It seems they are in their own little world. It's also the only dept that the people never move up or out.'s extremely difficult NOT to get ahead in Gov jobs. Unless of course you're in the mail room. Those folks retire from the same classification that they entered at. And ours opens everything too. And ours love food like flies to sh%&.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like our mail room. Quirk staff, can be found at any party where there's good food. I love the security officer...really keeps his nose to the grindstone, I mean FedEx box.

Rebeckah said...

Did you work for the post office? I have been meaning to ask you what kind of government job you had! I LOVE mail people. We had the nicest one when I was growing up. I still think about him. I also LOVED the man that took my packages in the Perkasie post office. He always seemed so tired and stressed though. I think that would be a hard job. My cousin is a postal person now. I think she likes it. She went to college and everything and she had a degree job and then she gave it up to be a postal worker. Interesting, right?

Grandma J said...

Rebeckah, I worked for the County of Orange, CA. Our mailroom people weren't postal workers. They sorted mail and delivered it thoughout the building. They also took outgoing mail and weighed it and put postage on it.
Real postal workers would never open mail because it's against the law. In defense of our mailroom staff, personal mail technically isn't County work, but it was a courtesy that everyone took advantage of...including them.
Are you a Gov. employee?

Grandma J said...

Rebeckah, I didn't want you to think I didn't like mail carriers or Post Office staff. I love my mailman! He brings my mail to the door. And I did a post back in May about our local post office and Jack the postal worker.

Keeper Of All Things said...

The helpers in the mail room....I think I've seen them before.....Are they related to Mr. Bill

Rebeckah said...

I am so glad I came back to see if you commented because I was wondering all night if you were a post office employee : ). I have to go read your old posts. I keep meaning too. I know they will make me laugh. Maybe I will save it for a sad day! Oh, and I am a social worker in truancy court. I work for a private agency that is contracted by the city of Philadelphia. So I don't get a nice pension, but I do get LOTS OF NICE PAPERWORK : ).

jlo said...

It's like The Office in the post office!!

Anonymous said...

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