Monday, August 18, 2008


Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in the morning in Temple...that's about 26.3 miles away. When I get back, I want to see this!

Tropic Thunder.......Another Ben Stiller movie. I have to admit, I'm giving him several chances to redeem himself this year. This is it! You hear me Ben? Ok, I'm joking, just stay cute.

I also have to stop in at the ATT store to see Paul. He said he'd help me figure out the GPS on my new Blackjack. If I get up early enough I'll stop in to get that done before the doctor's appointment, so I can test it out. It wouldn't do me much good using it to go to the movies, because it's across the street from ATT.

Hi Paul.... What would I do without Paul.

Big brother fans, don't forget to vote for this weeks eviction. Renny is being weird, don't you think? Asking her alliance members to be pawns....what was she thinking? I think she will be on everyone's short list....


heartshapedhedges said...

OK, I admit, I havent had much of a chance to watch BB, but I thought Renny liked she nominated him?

Nice new signature...really, the whole page is nice, I could barely clip art a house to the standard template....not sure how you did this fancy page.

And, Temple, is that Texas's version of Catalina Island (26 miles across the sea.....)????

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I am starting to think you and this Paul have something going on. I will need to know more about him in order to approve, but I suppose the fact that he knows his technology is good enough for me.

I thought Blackjack was a game in Vegas.

Future Student of a Grandma J. Seminar on Laptops, Blogging Functionality and All Wireless Communications

suz said...

The movie looks so funny. I LOVE Ben Stiller.
Can't wait to see your review.
Hi Paul!

Anonymous said...

I had a date on Friday and he wanted to go see this. I was like ummmm no. So we went and saw Pineapple Express instead. It was BAD!

Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a picture of or with Paul when you go today? PLEASE! :)

Rebeckah said...

Ben is cute isn't he? I hope the movie is good. I also hope you can use your gps to get to the dr! Good luck.

Grandma J said...

CBW, I like the blackjack Vegas offers too. Poor Paul is probably wishing I had never mentioned him.
He's nice, to help me..and married and that's it...oh, and theres a possibility he reads this.

Cortney, yes, I was going to see Pineapple Express last week but I heard it was bad. No Pictures, see above. Of course if you have ATT, and want to come see Paul about a new phone and some accessories... :))

Hi Paul

hollywood said...

I heard Tropic Thunder may get Razzies. Waiting to hear your review. I got daughter and friends tickets for Pineapple Express Sat. night and they said (granted they are 13) it was 'sooo funny'---

Am waiting for Step Brother at the $1 show. Will sneak off for an afternoon of quiet malone time. time. heehee

Grandma J said...

Hollywood, don't wait for the $1 show. Invite the Condo Queen, she'll treat.

Nick said...

i'm getting nervous about this "paul" are a taken woman!

Big Hair Envy said...

Your new site is BEAUTIFUL! WOW!

We are big Ben Stiller fans - "Dodgeball", anyone?? It gets funnier every time I see it!! Can't wait to hear your review on this one.

foolery said...

Hey hey Grandma J!

(I feel weird calling you that since you are my exact age of 23 and all)

Beautiful site redesign -- love that greenish color. Maybe I'll paint my room that color. Hmmm? Oh, sorry -- sidetracked.



Katrine said...

Wow! Look at Ben's arm. The boy's been working out!

sista #2 said...

Is Paul a hottie?
Take his picture...let us meet him.

I love Ben Stiller! Is this new movie of his a comedy?


Veronica said...

Hey Grandma the new page and signature. I highly recommend you go see Stepbrothers....It is sooooo funny. Kinda crude at times but it will have you falling out of your seat. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I SO want to see that movie!
I finally saw big brother last night, yes Renny was a big you think the boo hoo's over her parents pictures were a bit staged?
I think Ollie will not be able to fly under the radar anymore once April is gone, he's actually going to have to make a real alliance.

tj said...

...Mmmm hmmmm, that Ben Stiller is fine. Fine. Fine. ;o)

...Have fun with the GPS and hope all is well at the doctors...

...Blessings... :o)