Sunday, August 17, 2008


I don't have a real handle on progress when it comes to some of the personal changes in my life. Like people messing with my chocolate. I get it when gas goes up, and when I have to pay twenty five dollars for a piece of luggage to travel with me. I do my best to be green....I turn the lights out at night and chew gum for three days straight a long time. Bad news about interest rates, and mutual funds tanking are a disappointment but I can mooch off my kids ride it out.

you know what really upset me today? I heard that Hershey is raising the price of candy 11%. What were they thinking?

This is where the Hershey family lives. Right smack between Willy Wonka and Bossy. I know for a fact that Bossy eats Hershey laden s'mores. What is this thing called greed all about?

This is what's happening to the price, and the volume, and the stock is tanking...down 5% in one day.

Back in the 50's, that would make these six cents and eleven cents.

But would
you really want to pay $277.50 for this?

And this cute little two pounder goes up to $27.75.


Karen said...

Is that what you want for your birthday? Chocolate? Two more weeks, and I'm marking the days.

Cuz why? Cuz you never let me forget that I'm older than you by 3 months.

EmmaRose said...

Hershey already made the bars smaller, now they are raising the price! Hershey's used to be the cheap chocolate that people (mostly women) could turn to when they had a chocolate craving.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

It is 8 a.m. here and as soon as I so much as read the title of your post, I got up and ate two miniature krackel bars in your honor. They were delicious. Hershey immediately sent me a bill for ten dollars.

I paid $2.88 for a cucumber yesterday and nearly had a stroke. It was one of those fancy ones, but still, it wasn't made of platinum or anything.

Everything is going up, including my blood pressure.

Maybe we can bring back the barter system - I'll send you chocolate in return for your technology seminars.

suz said...

What is this world coming to?
It is like a prohabition for candy addicts.

heartshapedhedges said...

It's almost like people are egging me on to talk about my new



I do chocolate tasting parties now, Grandma J, and can get you chocolate at a wholesale price...just tell me what you want...go to my chocolate websites.. and tell me what you want.

By the way, I am ahead of schedule to earn an all expense paid trip to the Mars Chocolate School (Mars makes M&Ms and Snickers!!)

So...can you come out for the first week in Feb to help My Honey watch the kids????

Grandma J said...

emmarose, it's a sin...flat out!

CBW, What's a fancy cucumber? Did you purchase it to eat, or to put high on a pedestal in a special place, them bow to it when you pass by. Please, if you eat it, don't peel it...that's wasteful. I think you should post about it.

suz, it's a conspiracy!

HSH, Your dove stuff probably cost less that $13 lb. See's is prbably cheaper. Kudos on earning your trip.

Anonymous said...

Grandma J,

The price of eating anything is way out of control. My trip to Safeway yesterday cost over $200.00, though I did buy lots of things I don't have to every week. To top things off I treated myself to a 12 pack of beer and cut my finger when I picked it up. No bandaid, just a kleenex for the rest of the shopping trip. Yes, Postcard Cindy does drink. Marey considered giving me a new name of "Vodka Cindy" after I dropped off a few flavored vodkas when I saw her several months ago. A perk from the company I work for.

Thank goodness I don't eat much chocolate!

Postcard Cindy

hollywood said...

A giant Hershey Kiss for $9 @ Walgreens will be what then? Holy smokes, my Dad just lost his gifts and he is back to just his bag of orange (yucky) candy. Can't Bossy send us choc. from her region??? I am lurking on her site ... haha

Off to take a 90 year old "mean" lady in a walker to find a new condo. She wants a Subway sandwich, 12'incher--(which made me laugh) cut in half--this was a demand not a request. She loves me, just doesn't know it. I keep getting calls about her mean-ness fromher family. Wish me luck, am using honey not vinegar today!~!

heartshapedhedges said...

GJ, the 1/2 pound box of choc is $8 and the 1.5 pound is $18 (can you say BARGAIN??)

And this is good stuff, DOVE.

Um....first week of Feb? like the can come?

Philly said...

Even beer has gone up !!


Grandma J said...

Postcard Cindy! who'da thought? YOu are multi-faceted for sure! Boy, I would have loved working for a company that had free booze...for free even!
Believe me, you more than deserve to treat yourself to a 12 pk. You are a heroine in the eyes of so many cancer kids and their parents. You bring a ray of sunshine into their otherwise cloudy day.

Hollywood, where's that blog site, Chica?? Come on! OK, it's Sunday, and weekends are busy days in Real Estate. I hope that woman's family appreciates you because you are giving them a day off. No doubt you do very well because you feed your clients! My mother used to end up wallpapering and mowing lawns for her make them saleable. Crud, that's probably not spelled right.
I hope you found her a nice condo! Maybe she will leave it to you in her will.
Honey works!

Nick said...

umm i was craving a kit kat on the whole 2.5 hour drive home from augusta!! yummmmm!

tj said...

...Yeah, and eat that little two pounder and my weight would go up 27.75 pounds! lol... :o)

...Love the new look here too Grandma J! It's beautiful!

...Dang it, now I'm hungry...(*sigh*) ;o)


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - You have your regular cucumbers, that go for, say, 89 cents, and then there are the "special" ones wrapped in cellophane called English Cucumbers or something similar, and they go for $100.00.

Also, the other day I heard someone look at a cucumber in a basket and ask if it was BURPLESS. There is a BURPLESS cucumber? Hello, come in, what planet have I lived on this entire life that I never knew cucumbers burped? Multiple people were talking about these cucumbers that don't burp. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Grandma J,

I am making cookies on a free day off week after next for one of my favorite kids. I would like to send some of them to you. Hint, they are pretty full of chocolate. Could you send me your address? My email is

Postcard Cindy

Grandma J said...

Wow, Cindy! I am humbled by your offer to send me homemade cookies.

You are amazing! I hope people are taking notes on how to give back unconditionally. Even to bloggers.

I sent you my address, Cindy. I am such a cookie whore.

Oh wait, did you just polish off that 12 pk? :))

Jason said...

So did you go see Bossy?

Grandma J said...

Jason, no, I didn't even go to PA. I was just showing where Hershey PA was in relation to Bossy's and Willy Wonka.

But I did enter her contest. Did you?

Anonymous said...

What has this world come to?

heartshapedhedges said...

Grandma, you told me Willy Wonka's factory wasnt real. Is it real? And you never took me? I feel so deprived!

dlyn said...

Eh - their chocolate is too sweet anyway. At least when I pay a lot for snooty 70% cacao it makes sense to me! :D

jlo said...

Sadly, I'll pay whatever to get my chocolate fix. But, we do need to have a So. Cal Dove chocolate party real soon!!!

Caution Flag said...

I was very impressed with your post. High brow graphics! I read about Hershey's price increase this morning. Now I have to wear black for a year to mourn all the candy I won't be buying this year. Why did this have to happen in August when it's 2000 degrees outside?

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Hershey and Gas&Oil companies are in cahoots... raising prices knowing that we will drive and eat chocolate no matter the cost lol

Thanks for visiting my site come back again :o)

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Hershey and Gas&Oil companies are in cahoots... raising prices knowing that we will drive and eat chocolate no matter the cost lol

Thanks for visiting my site come back again :o)

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Diva girl and I went to the Hershey store in Chicago and I about died at the prices. I have to have my chocolate. I guess I am going to have to start walking or taking the bus so I can buy it.
I love the new look!!!