Friday, August 15, 2008


This weekend is a big deal in Texas. It's like a Holiday, and people plan for it, make lists, check the papers, listen to the news...and so on.

This guy is not a happy camper! Can you guess why? Ok, Texans, put your hands down, I know you know, but not all people are as privileged!

It's Back to School Tax Free Weekend! Yep...back to school shopping without the sales tax. Texas is one of only thirteen states that do this. Texas also had a tax free weekend a few months ago if you bought energy efficient appliances.

The reason people make lists and check the papers, isn't just for the ads, it's to make sure they buy the tax exempt items because not everything is tax free. For instance, if you are
really talented, like a seamstress and love to sew, forgetaboutit! Yardage and cloth of any kind aren't tax free.
Neither are these....or sewing patterns or notions of any kind.

Now you can buy these nice fancy cowboy boots tax free.

But you have to pay the sales tax if you buy these rubber boots.
Pajamas are tax free, and so are diapers.

You can also buy an apron tax free.

So Texan's, grab your money, checkbooks, credit cards and such...but bring that official list so you don't get confused.

Do you have a Sales Tax Holiday Weekend in your State? Are the exemptions the same?


Cathy said...

Question..? Why would diapers be tax free, hopefully kids that wear diapers aren't in school yet. Well except those handicap children which ok. but babies? Starting a little early. I would think material would be just for those moms that make their own clothes. I let me say, I am not one of those mom.. I could see my kids now.. huuuh? G always says he will take a pair of jeans to the garage and they will look just like Abercrombie. lol Oh, and we DON'T have a tax free day here in OHIO.. I never knew.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Yes, Virginia does have a tax-exempt weekend, usually in early August, but it requires planning, foresight and organizational skills, none of which I seem to possess, so I always miss it.

When I think of the Back to School season, the very last thing I think of is diapers, but that's just me.

Holy Crappers said...

Philadelphia doesn't have one. I believe Deleware does. Not worth the gas $ to drive there.


Anonymous said...

I try to avoid leaving the house at all on tax-free weekend. People get a little too crazy over saving a few dollars!

Unknown said...

We don't have a tax holiday in Pennsylvania. It seems like a good idea. Are cars tax free? That would make me excited. Deleware is near us and they don't pay any sales tax at all. Isn't that crazy?

heartshapedhedges said...

Here in CA, the state of "free handouts to the poor and illegal" we dont have a tax-free weekend, no sireee. We have so many freebies that we are giving away, the govt needs every tax dollar it can get, and boy are they constantly thinking of ways to get it.

BTW, Los Angeles just voted, and all "home improvement warehouse stores" must now provide (get this)...shelter from the sun/rain, bathrooms, drinking water (and a few other things) to the day laborers that "they attract".

Im pretty sure they will next be forced, by law, to provide free beds, hot meals and cable TV.

So, as you can see the govt. leaders in our state our far, far away from thinking about giving us working folks a tax break.

Suzanne said...

Yeah, I am a bit bewildered about the diapers too.
Florida has a week. I always seem to miss it though....that is how I roll. :)

Anonymous said...

We have tax free in NM, it was 2 weekends ago. My son works @ Best Buy and other than school supplies, computers are tax free but they have to be under $500 or $700 (which isn't very much)-- educational software is tax free too. I skipped tax free, Walmart and Targets were zoo's I heard and I just couldn't take the crowd to save 3.45 in taxes. NM has been tax free on groceries for about 2 years now and that is nice

Anonymous said...

Va. has a tax-free weekend, as does D.C., I believe. I live in the tax-free-free state of Maryland, so I have to drive 30 minutes to D.C. or Va. to be a part of the fun. Not so bad.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Nothing like that in the great state of Indiana. They only seem interested in raising our taxes.
I have to say I would probably miss it anyway because of the mayhem it would cause.

Big Hair Envy said...

VA does have a tax-free weekend. I try to avoid it at all cost. I would much rather pay the full tax amount than have to fight all of those crazies who will ultimately save about a buck fifteen!!!

M said...

HA! I usually don't read the comments but when I saw N.M. had a 3.45% sales tax I almost wanted to move there! Where I live it is 8.25% on everything but food...and the only tax free weekend is 2x a year at Orchard Supply CA players of out of state professional sports teams get taxed when they play here...even a pitcher who does not pitch gets taxed! -Yep, gotta pay for all those who don't work, come here illegally or are in jail! And it is going to be on the ballot to raise a 1/4% sales tax increase to fund rapid transit...because they ran out of $$ from the last increase that didn't improve transit. Okay, I'm stopping before I bring up my blood pressure to high!

Anonymous said...

We already had our tax free weekend but I forgot about it.. bummer

Anonymous said...

not 3.45%, to save like 3 bucks. Our tax is 6% here. I live to support the needy too. I am becoming the needy quickly though, so things are looking up. haha

Anonymous said...

Ya know...I think they did away with it in FLorida this year. Something about the budget....yada yada yada


Her said...
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Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

A tax free day? That's just crazy! We don't have one in Cali - at least I don't think we'd do, cuz I'd be all over that.

I went to college in New Hampshire and there wasn't any sales tax or income tax, free or die and all that.

Anonymous said...

Oregon is always TAX FREE :)


Lynne said...

Tn has two a year. Other than school supplies, computers are on the list. They have to be under $1000. We have nearly 10% tax so the savings can mount up!