Thursday, September 18, 2008


BIG BROTHER's over! Dan is the winner! I think this is the only time my favorite houseguest won. I think it's the only time the final two remained best buddies..probably for life. Renny was amazing, and I hope some one nabs her for a sitcom because she's hilarious. Keesha will probably model for Playboy, and have a lucrative career. I can't wait for the next BB. Hopefully this Winter.

I'm still on vacation. As you read this, I should be in sunny Southern California, romping on the beach....drinking strawberry margaritas, and eating real honest to goodness Mexican food. But I didn't forget you.

It's time again for Vintage Thingie Thursday!
Head on over to Confessions of an Apron Queen and sign up to participate. If you like vintage stuff, you will find a whole plethora of amazing websites that are participating with great stuff. I love that word plethora...I love it so much I should have named my first born Plethora!

This is my paternal grandmother, Margaret Mary Spellman (maiden name), at the age of 89, in 1972. She departed from Queenstown, County Cork, Ireland on June 6,1900 aboard the Oceanic.

Just a teenager, from a large family, with very little...which was the norm at the turn of the century, she set out alone across the Atlantic to Ellis Island, New York. Her mother had passed away years before, but her aunt gave her a momento that belonged to her mother, Nora Daley (maiden name).

It was this simple cameo pin, which is over two inches in length. The details on the cameo are very fine. The onyx is chipped, and the pin on the back is very crude and rusty.

It wasn't "fine" jewelry, but it is truly vintage, and very heavy. Since I could never wear it due to the rust and weight, I had it professionaly framed, set on soft blue velvet.

The frame is deep and sealed in the back, so I can't show you the back of the pin without tearing the back off. I love that I can display this on a wall like a piece of art.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Romping, drinking and eating, romping...I continue to live vicariously through you, Grandma J.

The cameo is beautiful.

Can you take some pictures of your co-rompers and some of that real Mexican food? We don't get that out here in Virginia, and I love Mexican food.

Be careful with all that rompin'...

Suz said...

This is beautiful.
At first I thought the relative was going to be your focus today.
I would love to join your vintage thingy thursday, but the only old thing I can offer is my grandma. She is 95. I suppose that would get me through one week.
The cameo is great, so is the story behind it.
Nice that you framed it. That shows how much it means to you.

The Running Girl said...

What a neat thing to do with the cameo. I have a vase from my great-grandmother that I treasure and have on display.

Sounds like you are having fun with Little One, Beauty, and Pooper. And those margaritas. Have one for me!

Big Hair Envy said...

Hola! Grandma J!!

That cameo is absolutely beautiful! I love how you framed it - the blue velvet provides the perfect background.

You are SO fortunate to have such a lovely family heirloom.

Suddenly I am craving tacos...

Rebeckah said...

Very beautiful. The woman and the cameo : )! In your honor, I just opened a FUZE Bannana Coloda that I got at the grocery store last night. It's non alcoholic of course! Kaishon's school strike might be ending tomorrow... YAY!

Grandma J said...

CBW; I will have to bring my camera down to the beach and try to get some chest shots for you. Hopefully if it's hot, I can get some shots of the beach from within the water...if the surf is tame. Mexican food. California has the best. Tex-Mex is much different from what I'm used to. I believe the stuff here in CA is Sonora style.

Rebeckah; I love me some Pina Coladas! One of those and a Strawberry Margarita is on my agenda for sure!

Suz: my grandmother would be 125 if she were alive....she's the wife of the Army Deserter.

Big Hair: I don't have many heirlooms, but if you notice, I spread them out, never putting more than one in a post.

Diane said...

That's an amazing momento of your grandmother and her travels to the U.S. It was smart to have it framed up.

Anonymous said...

Mom has a similar history from Cork County.. my Great Grandma came from Ireland.. The Cunninghams and the Kelley's

Jewelgirl said...

Hi Grandma J! I love jewelry and I
maybe can help you a bit with your
cameo. First due to condition problems the value is not as great,
and I understand that it is a family heirloom, that means a great deal to you. It is lovely no matter what. In older cameos you find beautiful deep detailed carving and this kind of cameo is known as a "hardstone" cameo usually made of onyx or other
heavier stones, very unlike the genuine shell cameo (lightweight.
With out seeing it in person, with your description, I will guess probably from the 1870's give or take 10 years either way! Here's
a link to a cameo site for hardstone cameos:
Enjoy it and I hope this helps
you value your cameo even more!