Saturday, October 18, 2008

.....the dominant gene

This is Saturday, and my day is chock full of plenty of nothing. But plenty of nothing includes plenty of someone.....someone being JJ.

So, I want to leave you with just a bit more insight into my gene pool....

Do you remember The Baron? My sweet Uncle Jack?

Well, let me introduce you to his brother. His older brother, Ed...sitting on a jackass in Tijuana, Mexico. Not just any jackass...a jackass with purple stripes.
Oh, one more Family Fact.......Uncle Ed is Grandma J's Godfather.


M said...

Ha! I think I have a picture by that "zebra" too! In fact it was our Xmas card a few years back!

Thanks for the donation offer for TNT...but I registered to run on my own....I'm not too happy with the LLS my co-worker and I fundraised for Camp Okizu- and we sent the checks directly to the camp so there was no overhead- 100% of the money went straight to the cancer camp...the one that almost burned down this summer. I didn't fundraise on my blog because I did a teacher's rummage sale ($200!) and the "FUN"draiser Kinder Night last $1,300!! I figured Postcard Cindy and I would start posting on my blog and others when we get it all together...that way I only bug readers for money once :)

I love the old photos...and can't wait to hear more about Uncle Ed!

Happy Saturday!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very funny. I was thinking about the Baron yesterday. Wondering when we could get another story about him.....
Ed, he looks like he could be trouble too. ;)
have fun with JJ.

Anonymous said...

Was Uncle Ed also a Jackass?
just wondering


Karen said...

That donkey has been around forever! I haven't been to TJ in several years, but there are tons of them right there on Avenida Revolucion. I read somewhere that they use shoe polish to make them look like zebras.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


Of course you know I love Jack. So I have to just die when I see the picture.

Now you're introducing ANOTHER new family member who wears a sombrero labeled TEQUILA.

Rita, Mr. Bear, good heavens, I am beside myself with Grandma J's cast of characters!

Need more stories about Uncle Ed.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that.