Thursday, November 13, 2008


I love these.....
And I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that Mother's Cookies was going out of business a few months ago. They started in Oakland California when a paperboy decided making cookies was more profitable, so he stole bought the rights to the recipe for vanilla cookies from an old lady who he coerced and bit on the hand was ready to give it up for a more profitable venture in
bootlegging her wine.

Mother's made a variety of cookies, but for the sake of keeping my brain uncluttered, we will focus on these pink and white Animal Cookies. I haven't seen them since I was in California in September. Even then, the ones I found were at Ralph's market...and they were Orange....for Halloween! I bought two large bags....and was I happy.

Just when I was willing to switch to fried twinkies, I came across these Archway Animal Cookies at Target(pronounced tar- zhay). Not to confuse anyone, but Archway IS Mother's, and Mother's IS Archway.

I couldn't wait to get them home and inhale half the bag share them.

Philip Johnny Bob and friend loved them....

...and soon they were all gone!

So, I rushed back to Target to get some more......

Not so fast! the shelf was bare, like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard.

But, I found a replacement. The Keebler elves were on the ball , ready to step up to the plate and make us all happy.

I hurried home with my prize possession...

Phil J. Bob couldn't wait to dig in.....but wait! Something is wrong

These things are crap! Seriously

Unedible, even for Phil.

Would you eat them? Take them back? Or just trash them?


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

If they are yucky, I'd trash them.

Who is Phil's friend?

Please tell me how you unclutter a brain, I've been trying to figure that one out ever since I turned 40.

M said...

Uh! That is disgusting! It is almost like they got too hot in shipping or something!

I loved those cookies when I was little...I remember playing with them before eating them I just go for the chocolate!

I will have to keep my eyes open for another brand...but certainly not Keeblers!

*Ivan does not have a caringbridge site...he is reluctant to have his photo taken and the social worker working with us is out until Tuesday...but austinscott has a caringbridge is our other child we are fundraising for....enter his name just like I typed it to read up on him.

Happy Thursday sewing machine is fixed so I am off to create!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hate to hear of a company going out of business...that makes me sad. All the lost jobs and most likely shattered dreams of the owners.
Phillip and friend are sitting on top of the stove. This concerns me like you would not believe. really.
The new cookies. Just trash them, like you just did in this post. really. that is terrible and they should not sell stuff like that. Target may just give you a refund though, they are good like that. But dont buy them again. Back to fried twinkies for you.

Anonymous said...

Those are my all time favorite cookies! I haven't had them in forever. Sooooo good with cold milk. I'd probably put them in the pantry and throw them away later. Feels less wasteful. That sucks. I'll look for the Archway ones!

heartshapedhedges said...

WHAT? They cant get rid of THOSE cookies...I LOOOVE them! I also hate to hearing of companies going under, next thing you know, all our cookies will be imported from overseas.

RIP circus animal cookies, you will never be forgotten.

The Girl Next Door said...

I'm clearly and uneducated animal cracker eater, despite 30 years of experience, b/c I thought the Keebler ones were okay (Oh please don't shoot me). Now I have to find the other ones! DANG.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Oh my gosh! I love those cookies too, they bring back memories! Are the replacement ones a Texas brand, or are they everywhere? I've never heard of them before, even though you say they are Mothers.

Anonymous said...

I used to count those little dot candies on my animal cookies before I ate them.
It's been years since I've had any, and of course now that they are gone, I want some.

Dang grandma j, you sure do know how to make me sad...first when you didn't call me on Veteran's Day, now this!


Deb said...

I am saddened by the news that the animal cookie has met its demise. Sniff..sniff...wiping a tear.

Grandma J said...

I'm with you Suz, Phil shouldn't be sitting on the stove....believe me, I have very little control over him.
Pumpkin, Archway and Mothers are the same company, and both were pretty popular in CA. My father's favorite cookies were Archway raisin cookies...we used to make fun of him because they tasted awful. He mashed them into his tea, just like all his cousins in Ireland. Yuck.
Now, Keeblers, those are the ones that were downright nasty. Not even a good imitation.
Colin? Happy Veterans Day...but does working at the GoodWill really count? (jk)

The Running Girl said...

Sorry the substitue brand wasn't as good. I'm a brand snob on a lot of things, so I understand. Since they probably didn't cost more than $2-3, I'd probably just trash them (unless you were going back to the store for something else anyway).

hollywood said...

Take 'em back. Get some serious animal crackers w/no icing. Carry the box around the store like it is a little purse. (and bring Phil)

Life with Kaishon said...

Target is CRAZY ridiculous about refunds. I mean crazy. They would want your receipt and they would proabably even weigh the bag to make sure you didn't eat more than 20% of the icky cookies : ) but since I am cheap, I would definitely take them back!

I am surprised that I have never had these kind of cookies...especially since I didn't know there were any types of cookies in the world I had NOT eaten.

I am sincerely sorry for your loss!

Jason, as himself said...

WHAT?! How did this happen? This is just not right. I didn't eat them very often but when I did they made me sooooooooooooo happy!

The world will never be the same.