Wednesday, November 12, 2008


That's what AT&T has been saying since August.

Remember when I had it up to here, and marched into AT&T demanding a free upgrade and threw my To-Go-Phone in the trash? Then asked Gary which phone would allow me to communicate without screaming saying "what?" constantly....then hanging up on all my calls.

He talked me into this BlackJack II....and it was going to cost me a couple hundred bucks, and committing to another two year contract.

Every couple of weeks I would get a new text message from AT&T a reminder that they were still working on my rebate of $100. Isn't it grand that I pay for unlimited text messaging? Otherwise I'd be charged for those friendly reminders.

I pretty much told myself, "self, you will either get your rebate or you won't".......end of story.

Well, end of story until today.....this is what came in the mail.

An AT&T Debit card for my rebate. Now, it also came with a generic looking letter.

And I really thought it was one of those offers to get sign up for a new credit card. Haven't you ever gotten those offers with a faux card enclosed? That's what I thought it was and I almost threw it away.

So dear friends, this is how rebates are sent to you from AT&T. Not a check, but a debit card. You can activate it over the internet or by phone.

I'm curious about AT&T monitoring how I spend my rebate. I'm sure they track it, don't you think? Have you gotten one of these?

PLEASE...retake my Thanksgiving poll. I lost my template and in the process most of my "ELEMENTS" disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I got one of those, only mine was for only $50 and was from Verizon. Same thing, though. I used mine for something really interesting, like groceries. Look it as "economic stimulus." Unlike a cash rebate that you could save, you *have to spend the debit card in order to get any benefit. Wonder if you could use it to pay your monthly ATT cell phone bill?


Anonymous said...

Should you be showing the card number on line? Great win this week. If you are not in the pool next year will you pick for me.

Carol Z.

Anonymous said...

Oh I just rechecked and I see you have the 1st. four covered. I still want you to pick for me next year.
Carol Z.

Grandma J said...

I agree Dianne, you have to spend it. And there are you can't use it in a strip club, or a casino. BTW, my middle name is Dianne with 2 n's. :))

Carol, I also covered my first name, even though everyone knows what it is. I will help you with your football picks next year. I use a dart board or dice...simple. I have to win one more week so I can thumb my nose at the administrator and his best friend. Then next year I'll be in a different pool.

hollywood said...

OMG! That just happened to me about 2 weeks ago, I was waiting on $100 from Staples. Desperately wanting to put it into my checking account & I almost threw it away too. I had just received a notice via email that I was getting a new Rewards card & if I hadn't of received (and read) that email I would of tossed it. I was not a happy camper. I spent the debit card @ Walmart, but it wasn't the check I was anticipating. My son who also works at Best Buy said that any rebate over about $20 comes in those cards now & that customers come into Best Buy unhappy.

Nick said...

Maybe we can go to a romantic dinner with your new debit card!!! long time no chat...been busy with the new job and figuring everything out...thank god for my blackberry! xoxo

Life with Kaishon said...

I almost threw out a gift card from the bank after we got our car loan. It really did look generic! And I HATE those cards. (The new offer ones) I am so excited for you. Sad you can't go to the strip club though because I know that is your MOST FAVORITE place : )!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow it took them long enough. Glad you got it finally.
Hubby got a new credit card in the mail recently. Not new, just new expiraton date.
I almost threw it away cause it looked like junk mail.
Well, I would have recycled all the paper. You knew that right?

Grandma J said...

Well look who shows up as soon as Grandma J gets her rebate check! Nick, Nick, Nick....if you have a Blackberry, then you must've gotten a rebate too..
Quit working so hard...we all miss you terribly!
Love you!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I always throw those cards away and anything that resembles a credit card offer. Once again Grandma J. saves the day for this person who lives under a rock and has no access to civilization.

So where are you and Nick going for your romantic dinner? And what will Gary have to say?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OMG!!! I just saw the Phil Johnny Bob square of rotating pictures at the top of your left hand column. Priceless!!

Grandma J said...

CBW...Nick likes to tease should know that by now. He show up every so often just to get my heart a thumping. He lives in Charleston SC

Oh, and Philip Johnny Bob? That's called a slideshow. It's already formatted in your blogger elements in the layout thing.

BTW, it has been on my blog for about a month...but it used to be on the right hand side. I'm glad you like it!

Philly said...

T mobile does the same thing, and yes I almost threw it out also !!
We went out for dinner with ours.