Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Don't Drop The Ball ......

....yet! Tomorrow night, a zillion people will be in Times Square to ring in the new year as a 11,875 pound Waterford Crystal ball drops. It will be televised and another twelve zillion drunks people will whoop and holler from their living rooms.

Of course we used to always ran out into the street banging the lids to pots and pans together, or grabbing a huge soup pot and beating it like a drum with a wooden spoon. Here at the Compound, that is probably against the by-laws.

Speaking of the Compound....did I tell you that someone called to have my new car towed because it didn't have a parking decal on the windshield? No, it wasn't the front office or security that called, it was a tenant. I ran out and convinced the tow truck driver that I was the owner, and I forgot all about the "sticker rule". He let me go, even though once they roll, they like to be compensated. I gave him $5 as a goodwill gesture. I'm telling you, I am the only one in my four unit building that even owns a dang vehicle...there are plenty of parking spaces for everyone and their crazy uncles to park two cars. Ok, that was a bit off subject but I had to get that out.

Back to New Years, or First Night stuff.....I was reading that Hershey PA, has a plethora of
First Night events at the corner of Chocolate and Cocoa. At the stroke of midnight, they drop a seven foot aluminum chocolate kiss.

Other festivities include fireworks, bands, dancing, and the Kissmoble! Not to be confused with this....

The Spammobile!

Bethlehem, PA drops a giant PEEP! I kid you not! Do you remember how much I love Peeps? I did a whole post on Peeps, and I covet them more than Hershey kisses. I would give anything to see a friggin giant marshmallow peep, but the peep they drop on First Night is made out of fiberglass..darn it! But the company that makes Peeps donates a zillion of them for people to roast in the plaza! I have never thought of having a Peep roast. I’m adding New Years in Bethlehem to my list of “places and things to do before I die”.

In Elizabethtown, Pa., a huge M&M will be lowered in Center Square at 7 p.m. The town chose 7 p.m. to mark the new year in its sister city, Letterkenney, Ireland. Elizabethtown is home to an M&M Mars plant.

Oh, and just in case you think I’m picking on PA, you are right, because PA cities take the cake with over forty "drops"……Mechanicsburg drops a ten foot WRENCH made out of sheet metal. Other cities in PA drop Fake fish, giant pickles, and flaming farm animals to help ring in the New Year.......you can’ t make this stuff up.

Atlanta drops an 800 lb peach...

A slew of cities in Florida drop an orange....not real ones, balloons and fiberglass neon ones.

Are you ready for another Pennsylvania city drop?? Lebanon’s 12-foot-long,150-pound Bologna Drop ranks among the weirdest ways in the U.S. to bring in the new year.

What does your city drop on New Years Eve?


heartshapedhedges said...

Hey, Ill be going to Elizabethstown, PA in Feb.....to the Mars Chocolate School. Maybe Ill get a bite out of that giant M&M.

By the way, the 1/2 priced sale on their delicious chocolate and cinnamon covered almonds ends tomorrow night...email me if you want to place your order!

hollywood said...

ohmygawsh----gotta love condo bylaws. I sold a condo to a lady this summer & over Christmas someone complained to the HOA cause there are 'no rules' about Christmas lights, so hers must be (obviously) illegal. Gimme a break.

What is dropped in NM @ midnight?!? Fireworks and bullets. We stay indoors!

Deb said...

Since I live near Atlanta, as you stated, we drop a big peach. For years I lived in Chicago and that city never dropped anything.
does anyone know if they drop something now in Chicago? Blagovich? hehehe

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

We drop a fiddler crab, and then it lives with you forever.


Grandma J. - that would NEVER happen in Mathews. Even if your car was up on blocks and there was a family of five living inside, and they had a boat on a trailer and a camper parked in the middle of the street.

Get away from the madness - (I think it's your next door neighbor, but I will also say I'm just guessing that based on NOTHING I've read here in case she or someone else is reading.)

The Incredible Woody said...

Yeah, I'm guessing its your next door neighbor!

I probably drop a full drink or something.....

The Incredible Woody said...

Oops - that should be "I'll probably..."

Hula Hank said...

What does my town drop on New Year's Eve? Probably their pants.

You live in a four unit building, and the only one with a car, and none of the residents in the other three units knew this car to be yours?

The neighbours are the first people to show off your new car to. Of course they were probably jealous and rang the towman.

PS - You can roast Peeps???? I always thought that they were at there best stale and hard as a rock.

Grandma J said...

HSH, you will be surrounded by chocolate in PA, that's for sure.

Hollywood, You are so funny...I was staying at the Marriott in Albuquerque once and they had a shoot out in the parking lot. My daughter said stuff like that is highly unusual. Then she moved to Denver. My real hearthache is never getting over forgetting my Betsy Wetsy doll in a motel there back in 1955. My father wouldn't go back.

Deb, Chicago could maybe bribe Oprah to swing from the Sears Tower...oh wait, isn't she moving to DC?

CBW, Those fiddler crabs love you! And yes I do have my hunch about who called the tow guy. Honestly? I never mentioned my new vehicle to anyone, and no one has mentioned it to me....but they know who it belongs to because they see me coming and going.

I. Woody, you are a kick! It took me a minute, but then I couldn't stop laughing. Cheers!!

Hank!! YES! My favorite way to eat Peeps is to open all the packages, because I buy several for half price the day after Easter, and stick them in the fridge. I love them stale and chewy.
And as far as my jealous neighbors go, I think I'll ask a male friend to sleep over so they can get their tongues all tangled in a knot.

hollywood said...

I will go to the Marriott today and ask for the Betsey Wetsey doll. ;)

big hair envy said...

The only things dropping in my neck of the woods are my eyelids - because it's WAY past my bedtime!!! Bwahahahaha!

Did you know that Target was selling peppermint Christmas peeps this year???

About the diet thing.....no, you do not have to sign up on line unless you would like to. I have the books, but I still signed up on line because they provide weekly meal suggestions and will print out your grocery list for you:) I'll post more about this over the weekend:)

Cool Breeze said...

I think it's pretty cool what all these places do. Of course, they were all thought up by a bunch of drunks on New Year's Eve.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours ..be safe..MY Friend

Anonymous said...

That stinks about your car. Very informative post...

"What does your city drop on New Years Eve? "
- Their pants??? All I got.

CGS said...

Happy New Year! I'll be dropping my eyelids in about 10 more minutes. Coop held out until 7:10. =)

Thanks for the Christmas card - we loved the picture on the front.

I think we're planning a trip to TX in March or so. When we nail down dates, I'll let you know so hopefully we can meet you.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I drop off to sleep....how's that??....I don't think we drop anything here...except in The City, on New Year's Eve day everyone used to drop their desk calendars out the windows of the high rise offices...the streets were covered in calander pages. I don't think they do that anymore because, who has a desk calendar these days?

I have a suspect in the car reporting....probably the same one you do!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl...one more down and many more to go. I was trying to remember how many years we've been friends and I had to break out the calculator.

Cheers. See you soon,


Anonymous said...

It is all of 8:30 here right now and I would love to go to sleep! I work on east coast time and I sleep that way, guess my neighbors that are continually setting off the fireworks forgot that. Unfortunately they don't do it often enough for me to see one! This sets of my cats Sophie and Lexy in a remarkable degree, ie howling and hiding under the covers or clawing me in comfort. Happy New Year Grandma J, I hope you make a visit out here to see Marey and I one of these days soon.

Want to go to sleep, but some not so nice people are not going to let me...so I might just see the new year in!


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