Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blowing In The Wind

I spent today at a track meet. Yesterday the temperature was in the 80' it was in the low 50's....with the wind blowing at 30mph...and more!

My granddaughter..yes the one who plays basketball, ran the 100, 200, and 400 meter events. Is that what you call them? She also did the long jump.

Her mom was wrapped up tight....even though we never expected it to be so cold.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Did I tell you JJ fell out the car window? No, not my car...and he's fine...he's a tough one....scared but tough.


heartshapedhedges said...

First, T is gorgeous, and Im glad she is using her talents and running track.

Second, Kris looks like a Chocolatier!

THIRD: Dogs dont belong hangin out car windows, please be more responsible with your animals!!! (unless of course, kris got tired of him going potty on her carpet and pushed him out the window.)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Grandma Deluxe: As a former track person myself, I must know how she fared in her events, particularly the long jump!

My best L. jump was 18 feet 3 inches (five feet six inches on the high jump), but that was in high school forty million years ago.

The preceeding message brought to you by a raging fever, but I really do want to know how she did in her events...yes, that's the correct term.

I see that just as in my day, track is not the spectator sport and doesn't draw crowds like b-ball or football. If your granddaughter really likes track, don't let that discourage her. She can still get college funding if she wants it.

Lordy about JJ falling out the window. That little thing must be tough!

heartshapedhedges said...

Also...*someone* asked to have his own blog today, he wants to create a blog where he can give helpful tips re: playing nintendo/pokemon (or whatever).

I set it up, and he wrote and posted it himself. I didnt know what he wrote until I went back later and was quite impressed with his blogging skills (even if the topic is not of interest to me....)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats on the runner. I wish I could run track...I can only run appliances. SO funny, you guys are freezing in the stands and the atheletes probably loved it. :)
JJ? Out a window? Is he depressed?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

OK you get Grandma of the year award for being at the track!

No award for responsible pet owner!

Looks like a fun weekend =)

jlo said...

The weather has been crazy here too. Warm and springy one day, rainy and cold the next.

M said...

Great track photo!!
I will be posting some track and field photos from my high school days for my It's All About me celebration...we wore much different uniforms in the stone age. I ran the 100 m hurdles, long jumped, shot putted and the 4x100 relay...and a few other misc events when needed...I LOVE Track and Field!

Poor JJ! When my dog was a pup he fell out the van window...never did that again!! Glad he is okay! My sister's weiner dog jumped out of her bicycle basket...he won't do that again either!

Grandma J said...

Hey Everyone, JJ's daughter never dreamed a dog would actually jump out a car window (duh!). I of course hang on to JJ with a vise grip because I know what can happen when you drive my KFC too slow with the window down.
Heck, when I was a kid, one of my siblings tried to exit our families car when it was still moving. She didn't fair as well as JJ.

Mental P Mama said...

She is a beautiful girl! I cannot believe how cold it is down there. And out the car window??? Yikes.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Did you say grandmother of 10? Lory, I'd need a bigger Martini glass girl :)
Fantastic blog....I'm on board if that's okay??
Take good care and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Jason, as himself said...

Cool stuff! And zoiks!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! So crazy! I am glad that JJ is ok! Phew! 80 to 50? We had a 63 degree day this week and tonight they are expecting a blizzard. I am not too happy. Not too happy at all. Go away winter!

The Running Girl said...

What a crazy weekend with the wind! That must have been hard for your granddaughter to run. Hope she did well.

Poor JJ. Glad to hear he is ok.