Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Faster I Go....

...the behinder I get!

I could tell you that I'm on a whirlwind vacation...drinking pina coladas, dancing to Salsa musica into the early hours but for me, it's not about getting you all jealous and stuff.

I do have some access to the Internet, but I only have one laptop...and several people who have dibs! That's right, DIBS! Did you ever call DIBS on something? Like, "I have DIBS on the front seat." or maybe, "I have DIBS on the shower first." or, "I have DIBS on the last Dunkn' Donut(my personal favorite)". So this has been my blogging schedule of sorts.

Part II of American Girl Birthday

SO...you know, Beauty didn't know Grandma J was going to be there...and it was wonderful. I saw them coming down the sidewalk, and I could tell the surprise was "fresh" but not real fresh. Evidently they picked up on it when they put two and two together with all the cell phone calls. But...it was still a recent discovery.

This place is a wonderful place for little girls who already have a break-the-bank an American Girl Doll.

We ate in the cafe...which is by reservation only and packed!

Beauty got Mia's hair done in the salon before we ate because Mia's hair was a bit messy from hibernating under the bed for several months.

The food wasn't bad, but neither was the price...but who's talking money on such a wonderful occasion?

Beauty blew out the candle on her individual piece of cake. And just so you don't think Beauty got initiated into the Yearning for Zion cult, that's a boo boo on her forehead.

Then Grandma J bought Beauty a new bathing suit with an over-skirt for her birthday. That's what she wanted after hours of roaming this multi-level store!

We ended the trip with wonderful memories of a beautiful six year old's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTY!

Nothing as exciting as the party for Jason!!


Anonymous said...

You looked cute on your big day! We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Hugs and kisses to you and your brother & sister.
Aunt Kell

The Incredible Woody said...

What a wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Beauty! What a great visit!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It looks like a lovely day for the beauty. I am so happy she has not joined a cult. That would not be fitting for such a princess.
I remember Dibbs. We still have it here. My favorite, when the kids call "shot gun", knowing full well, I will get shot gun!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Happy Birthday, Beauty! You certainly are one beautiful girl.

(Now turn your head the other way while I tell your Grandma Deluxe something...)

We used to say "I call the front seat," rather than "I have dibs on the front seat." It was always the calling thing.

Beauty didn't know Grandma Deluxe was going to be there, and she also didn' tknow that Grandma D. was going to call her "sexy"!!

(Sorry, I can't forget about that card. HILARIOUS.)

I'm done now.

Deb said...

Oh...how very sweet. I used to say dibs...of course! Never yelled "shot gun". Nope..not me..

Life with Kaishon said...

Now, you know I LOVE Jason, but I think I would have picked your party over his any day. I love little girls! Dolls make me delighted. Beauty is adorable. I can't stand how pretty she is. I hope your trip is special and fantastic. XO : )

Karen Deborah said...

Happy Birthday Beauty, and of course I know about DIBS! I was always too slow and lost, some things never change.
American Girl everything is pricey, we just read some of the books when the girls were young, never did buy a doll.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Sounds like a great bday!

M said...

WoW! She is sooo grown up...I saw her at the 2005 America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride and she was Little One's size back then :)

Too bad she didn't give away cars for party favors like Jason did!

Grandma J said...

Thanks peeps for all the good wishes for Beauty. I get the whole shot gun thing in Texas...but just like Suz, when we are going in their parent's car...Grandma J wins out. They never give up trying though.
Now I have to check and see if I'm too late for last call at Jason's party. Maybe some finger food and stale cake...I mean I'm pretty late showing up.

I have to catch up on a few zillion blogs too...just because I love so many of them and it's becoming a career.

Caroline said...

You are the best Grandma ever! She looks so happy!

big hair envy said...

"Beauty" is a most appropriate name for your grandaughter:) Happy Birthday!!

"Dibs" & "Shot Gun" were words that my sisters and I used DAILY!!!

Biddy said...

awwwww too cute!!! or should i say, too beautiful??