Saturday, May 2, 2009

Girls Night Out

That was the plan anyway, and believe me when I say Grandma J let's nothing get in the way of a good time.

This post might be a bit long, so go fix that chocolate martini, pour that carafe of wine, or pop open a nice cold brewski. Now pull up a chair and relax, and don't waste too much time or you'll miss the nine o'clock mass golf tournament on TV in the morning.

Since I'm moving at the end of the month, and I'm supposed to drive to Tucson June 1st with my granddaughter and JJ co-piloting, then continuing on to Las Vegas, things were getting a bit hairy and hectic. Normally juggling and multi-tasking is my middle name, but my Vegas buddy, (1SGT John's mommy) is heading to Miami the second week in June, and with the H1N1 swine flu floating around, I figured the scheduling was just too hectic to even pursue. So, I made a deal with my granddaughter. We'd scratch the trip, and I would take her shopping at her favorite mall in Austin, because it's only 77.3 miles away. Not only would I take her to her favorite mall, I would let her buy all the Wet 'n Wild makeup that she can fit in her Coach purse some new summer clothes. And, she could bring a friend.

The deal was cut immediately without any need for negotiations....and we were off.

The girls decided that it would be more fun if we flew down I-35 with all the windows down....and the moon roof open! Then we played loud Country Western music as we sang,, all the way to Austin.


Then we switched to show tunes....because granddaughter's BFF is quite the dramatic!

Grandma J was happy as a pig in manure, because for the first time in ages, she recognized the music, and sang

When we got to the mall Grandma J left the girls in Nordstrom's as she headed off to J C Penney's Coldwater Creek and Macy's.
We met back at square one when the mall closed, with square one being the Jr. department of Nordstrom's. We were all hungry, and decided to have a good all American Mexican dinner at Abuelo's.

The girls had piƱa coladas ............

Dinner with plenty of shrimp, fajitas, guacamole and maraschino cherries wasn't complete without plenty of chocolate. Yes, they sat this close throughout the meal, even though we had a huge booth.

We get back on the road at about 10:30 PM........that's when the real fun began.

Grandma J decides to take the back roads home because it's really dark and isolated bound to excite the girls and maybe they will want to open the windows again and sing kumbaya show tunes, and giggle.

Here is the route to Heaven paved with chocolate the mall. Just your routine 77.3 miles of good old I-35.

This is Grandma J's big idea of a fun drive home....did I mention it was 10:30 at night? Did I forget to say that the alternate route is a two lane highway? How about the fact that Texas doesn't have any stimulus money for street lights...because Texans don't like payback. OK, I made that part up.

All of a sudden the light became dark, and the singers fell asleep were rendered mute, and Grandma J's bright idea was snuffed out in an instant when she came upon a closed road.....because a bridge was out. Back peddling wasn't a big problem, but it was a problem just the same. Big or small, a problem is a problem. There aren't too many FM routes on my way home, but there are plenty of CR roads, but many go nowhere, and this wasn't the time to explore.....I save those trips for JJ. Grandma J wasn't lost in the official sense of the word....besides, she has GPS. Even though it's always been a real friend to Grandma J......last night her GPS asked for a PIN NUMBER! Huh?

That's what made the alternate route a bit unpredictable. Grandma J kept a keen eye on her compass.....because it said she was definitely heading S/E instead of north. Clinging to the E part of S/E, Grandma J forged ahead......into the light. Yeah, when you are on rural roads, a town several miles ahead can be detected by a glow off in the distance, but you knew that.

So with the surroundings looking familiar, excitement filled the air, and Grandma J started singing show tunes as she went faster and faster....

That's when the red and blue lights started flashing, and the party was over.

The officer told Grandma J that she was going 67 mph in a 45mph zone.

Are you wondering how Grandma J got away with just a warning?

She cried like a baby. Yes, she did.


Philly said...

Good call with the crying there Grandma.

I love your sunglasses!! Me Want!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Grandma J needs her own reality TV show. Seriously.

This is definitely one of my favorite Grandma J stories, and I really love that you color coordinate your shades and outfits (and pocketbooks too if I remember correctly).

Those girls must have had the best day of their lives and will have a story to tell people for years to come. The day Grandma J. cried.

BTW - When I lived in Northern Va. I had to be at a meeting near the Pentagon, and I promptly got lost. Taking a road I thought was correct, I found myself on the ramp for 395 headed directly into Washington, DC--where I would NEVER have come out of because I can't drive in DC (the lost thing). So, instead of merging onto the interstate I decided to back down the exit ramp. that would be backwards. I was already way late for the meeting, rush hour traffic was urging me to go on that interstate that led straight to DC and i panicked and put her in reverse. Cop stops me (rightfully so) and I burst into tears.

Still got the ticket. Maybe I need to invest in color coordinated shades...

Great story, GJ!

Mental P Mama said...

OMG!!!! I would have done the very same thing!

bluepitbull said...

Ah, yeah. I used to go up 183 thru Leander to get back to Fort Hood all of the time. How could you know?

At least the girls and you had fun.

Life with Kaishon said...

I am SO so thankful you got out of the ticket. I can totally understand why he would let you out of it. Look how adorable you are! I am glad you made it home safely and I am glad you have lots of great memories from your day of shopping! I wish I could go on road trips with you. I could get free therapy for hours at a time... : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my can sure find your way into trouble!!! So glad you all got home safe and sound....eventually.
you cried? I will have to remember that one. But you are so cute...I bet it only works with cute and crying....
Love your map rock!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

67 in a 45???
Nascar driver.

Chris said...

Great post! Have a wonderful week!

Grandma J said...

I want everyone to know, that just because the cop said Grandma J was going 67 mph in a 45 zone, doesn't mean she was. And if she was, it was because it was safe to do so. Some of the rural roads here will have fluctuating speed limits ranging from 35-70, and I swear they jump up and down on the same road with the intent on busting people. I was the only car on the road it seemed. Regardless, the cop was gracious and understanding. Even though he shone his flashlight on both of their faces, they don't remember him stopping me.
CBW, you backed down a one-way ramp? HAHAHA!! You crack me up! I don't think it would matter if your sunglasses matched your underwear!

Blue, I like taking the 183/195 route back home. When were you at Ft. Hood?

Suz, if you can't cry on demand, carry a brown paper bag, and pretend you are throwing up when the cop comes to your window...he doesn't want to catch whatever you have. Make sure you use really gross sound affects. :)

Now I have to go ice my swollen knee.

Grandma J said...

Rebeckah, you are so darn sweet!! Come to Texas and we can go see Cortney and sing with the windows open.

Phat Mama said...

The sista's @ Holy Crappers led me to you and I have found a gem! Loved this post & looking forward to following along!

big hair envy said...

OMG!!!! What an adventure!! Thanks for the "puking in a bag" tip....combine that with crying, and the cops will be RUNNING AWAY!!!

For some reason, I'm thinking Mexican for dinner....

Pat Jenkins said...

oh my goodness grandma j that was too good! i am glad that texas "ranger" let you off easy... he he!!... and i hope those tears were sincere!!!

hollywood said...

I hope this doesn't post twice....I love the trip & totally loving granddaughters fab-u Coach Bag. (large sized, good choice for the person who paid) I am understanding of the Swine Flu, needing of a good mall trip & uh yeah the movng---------what happened to this CO trip?! I was waiting on the ABQ drive through? Had Starbuck seats reserved.....:)

bluepitbull said...

Grandma, I was at Fort Hood 94-98, part of 99, 2000-2005 (minus OIF), so you could say I've been there, lol. In fact, my wife got a deploying job up there when she ETS's later this month. So she will be going between Hood and San Antonio. We spent all day today looking online for apartments that take cats. Probably be up there on Wednesday to look at places. We live off of 281, so we just head North, turn at Lampasas, and bam.

bluepitbull said...

By the way, 195 from 6th street, er....Austin on Sunday morning, lol.

Jason, as himself said...

No way. But really, what kind of a heartless bugger would give a crying grandma a ticket? You manipulating little granny, you.

I'm glad all turned out well.

Karen said...

You brought out so many emotions with this post. Happy for ya, scared for ya, laughing at ya (only because you got off with a warning)! I'll have to remember the crying thing (even though it doesn't work with Pat).

Anonymous said...

What an adventure. You know who lives in Austin AND loves to shop??? ME!!!

Even though 35 sucks it's a tried and true.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Crying never works for me...never! Wonder what I'm doing wrong? Could be you have to really drop some tears! Glad you got off the hook chickie!