Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday's Movie Review
The Invention of Lying

Mark (Ricky Gervais) lives in a world where no one has developed the ability to lie yet.   Mark is a screen writer for a large film company, relegated to writing 13th century scripts.


His coworkers and superiors all find him boring, ugly and not too other words, a Loser.  

Of course since no one has the ability to lie, Mark is not surprised at how he is perceived, and he knows he's getting fired.   Everyone does....and he does.

His Personal life isn't any sweeter.  Women don't find him attractive, and of course they don't pretend to be kind about it.

When Mark doesn't have enough money to pay his rent, he decides to take out the little bit of money he does have out of the bank to help pay his moving out expenses.   The bank teller tells him she can't close his account out because the system is down, but she will give him his money if he tells her how much he has in his account.   Mark tells his first lie.....and gets enough money to pay his questions asked!

He lies his way to wealth and fame, telling really ridiculous lies.  

As his mother lay dying, he takes away her fears with lies about dying.  

He cheers up the depressed residents of the old folks home with lies.

As expected things spiral out of control as his lies start to snowball.  His biggest dilema is trying to get beautiful Anna (Jennifer Garner) to fall in  love with him instead of the conceited, handsome character played by Rob Lowe.

The movie loses some of it's comic appeal, and gets mushy and sentimental.   

I loved the premise but thought Ricky Gervais fell short of his comic potential.

I give the movie 3 stars.


Pat Jenkins said...

not too good huh grandma j, that is a bit disappointing. maybe it would of been better if your wore your 3-d glasses!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Well, hopefully the popcorn was good?

Anonymous said...

I think youl share a concensus with a whole lot of reviewers. Gervais can do better.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Well all is not have saved Caution some money!

I Am Woody said...

Glad I didn't go to the movies last night:)

The Good Eater said...

I don't think I will spend the money to see it on the big screen but maybe it's Netflix worthy???

Daryl said...

I have this theory about comedians who write/act/produce .. sometimes they dont 'get' that less is more and something that would be truly guffaw-able if it was say 1 hr long vs 2 hrs or even 90 min .. isnt. Its why we loved Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show in small doses isnt all that at a full 30 min ...

We almost never go to the movies, but we do a lot of NetFlixing so this will get watched on our big old flatscreen with some PaulNewman Microwave Popcorn

Unknown said...

I give you 100 stars just for writing this review : )

Caution/Lisa said...

Sending you a virtual hug devoid of all the flu germs thriving in this house. Thank-you, GJ, for reviewing the movie and letting me know I can save my $10 for something better - like ice cream. I'll admit that I'm disappointed that it wasn't better :(