Saturday, April 26, 2008


Before I retired, I could count on one hand the number of movies I saw in the theatres each year. Usually, it was some animated Disney movie that my young CA grandkids wanted to see. The worst one for me was the Pooh Heffalump movie. We found it at an out-of-the-way theatre, it was a week day and we were the only people there. For a five and three year old, it was heaven. They loved the music and when the characters danced and marched, so did we.

Now I'm retired, and living where my entertainment is non-existent basically Friday matinees. Last week it was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This week I decided to see Baby Mama.
*Mild spoiler the event you want to know nothing.

I really thought this movie would be more about surrogacy but there were two story lines. The other one, was more along the lines of The Odd Couple. Polar opposites who learn life lessons from each other leading to a middle ground. It's hilarious of course. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are at their funniest. Steve Martin as a middle aged, new-aged guru (Tina's boss) was so-so. Much funnier than Steve Martin was Romany Malco as Oscar the doorman.

On a side note...I expected to see mostly women seeing Baby Mama, but no, it was all couples except me. I highly recommend Baby Mama!

Has anyone noticed a pattern here? Despite my extremely fun filled life, I've decided to make the Friday Matinee a habit. Not that it hasn't already. I mean, I pack my own lunch and steal a napkin and straw every week. The ticket taker always nods when I take them. I guess it's common practice. This week the ticket taker handed my a straw. I'm a Friday regular. What will it be next week?

I want to talk about me this blog. I haven't made any announcements to anyone about this blog. person, that's it. Most people who read this come from other blogs. I started reading blogs when my grandson was in treatment for leukemia. He had a Caringbridge site and it lead to following the sites of other children with leukemia.

After several years (because the typical treatment is 3+ years) some of the parents started blogs, and that led to other stuff....blah, blah, blah. You get the picture, right? So, not many people from my real life read this. In a way I feel like Sybil there are two of me. But really, it's all the same me.

Monday I will be talking about some of my friends from my real life. Just a few friends who lurk here. It's not a secret, they have all let me know that they read my blog...and my site meter lets me know too. I used to work with these friends, but they are more than former co-workers they are government slackers...civil SERVANTS like family. And I want you to meet them. If you are one of them, don't worry, no one except all your co-workers will know who you are except you and me.



heartshapedhedges said...

FYI on Baby Mama, my very good friend has a baby proofing business, Boo Boo Busters. She has baby proofed Brittany, Tom and Katie, and lots of fancy people's homes. Her business is featured in the movie, and she got to go to NY for the premiere last week, although, she was chit chatting on the phone with me when she was in the Atlanta airport (layover, she lives here) and she missed her flight! But she made it, how cool,huh?

Her husband is a writer, I think his most recent was The Sandlot 3.... looks funny, cant wait to see it sometime.

BTW, garage sale today, TOTALFLOP.

I made...wait for it....wait for it.....twenty five cents!

I had a lot of high end stuff, priced much lower than I could get on ebay, and no takers!

The maddening thing, besides Pooper getting $13 for his junky, little toys, was that people would drive up, with BABIES and TODDLERS in the car NOT IN CARSEATS (this was, no lie, more than 50% of the shoppers).....and nobody wanted my $5 carseat (not the one Elise broke! a good one!) They would rather drive around without a car seat, and probably without insurance, but spend a few bucks on junky toys. Go figure, and pray to God you dont hit one of them on the road.....tell your govt. employee friends to be careful, as I think many of the shoppers Im talking about live near your old office.

Warm weather here Grandma J, you should be taking your grandkids to the beach!! ...and giving your daughter a much needed rest!

Cortney said...

I tried to squeeze a movie in Friday but didn't get to it. You need to review Made of Honor. It looks really cute.

That picture actually made my leg look better than it does. It's way beyond cortisone cream, and I've had it for months so I don't think it's bites. I went to pick up the steroid cream and they said they had to order it and I can get it Monday. GREAT!

Can't wait to hear next Friday's review! Chili's ribs sound REAL good!

Jason said...

I saw Baby Mama this weekend and liked it a lot! With Tina and Ami, how could we could wrong?