Friday, June 20, 2008


I have never been antsy about air travel. I do it often and I've been on some flights that had quite a bit of turbulence. It's on the really rough flights that I pretend I'm at Disneyland. Let's just say it keeps me sane and my heart rate within normal range.

Lately some pretty bizarre things have been happening on flights. Like the woman on a flight out of New York that duked it out with the flight attendant because he told her to put her cigarette out. This cause the pilot to land in Chicago instead of going on the San Francisco. People missed connecting flights, which to me, can be a major problem. With my upcoming cruise, a delayed flight could make me miss my ship leaving port. Or a delay could cause me to miss my connecting flight in Dallas on my trip to Las Vegas next week. Where I'm meeting up with my good friend, her mom.

But one of the worse thing that could happen? Here's a clue:
Evidently an uninvited passenger, created a smelly situation on an American Airlines plane in Miami. That's right, a skunk was found in the cargo hold, discharging it's foul odor throughout the aircraft. When crews tried to remove the skunk, it released it's notorious rotten smell. The smell filtered throughout the cabin, and all passengers where taken off the plane.

I know from past experience, you cannot get that smell out. Do you think American Airlines will pay any claims for new luggage and contents?

**Loyal readers, and those of you who gave up on my Friday Matinees. I have temporarily renamed that feature to: Friday Matinee on Monday. With all the inconvenient interruptions lately, and all the kids hitting the theatres on Fridays, I had to make the switch. I promise I won't keep jerking you around make any further changes without your permission.

Also...Stayed tuned, I will update you soon on my visit to my new Orthopedic professional, Dr. Bob.

Love, Grandma J and JJ


Anonymous said...

You are odd but funny! That's why I like you. Can't wait to hear about Dr. Bob! With a name like that -- he's gotta be interesting!

Karen said...

The airlines drive me nuts. I can't stand the smell just driving by a skunk in the road, I can imagine one letting loose on a plane.

Keeper Of All Things said...

A skunk?!!!! Really?!!! Are they sure it wasn't some fat guy who ate pork and drank keg beer the night before?!!
Sadly I'm asking from experence
What is a Dr.Bob?