Saturday, June 21, 2008

as requested, hinted at, or maybe I just want to share.

First and foremost,
one of my readers asked me about Dr. Bob. Most of you know about my unfortunate accident involving my pinky finger and surrounding area.

Well, I went to see one of the best Orthopedic Surgeons in all of the world, because he was highly recommended, and I checked references and found a blog with a whole lot of chatter about Dr. Bob. They squeezed me in last Thursday, because my daughter referred me, and everyone knows that my
middle daughter has major connections. Just saying.

The waiting room had at least twenty people in it, and I dreaded the wait. Lots of casts and braces. To my surprise, the staff worked like a well oiled machine. I had ex rays, and saw Dr. Bob in record time. He said the injury wasn't a fracture after all, like the regular doctor said. He did say it was "injured" and needed two units of time to heal. He explained that one unit of time is six weeks, two units of time is three months. He went on to say that Mother Nature makes the rules, not him, and the fact that Mother Nature is a woman, that should be enough explanation.

So, there you have it, all my faithful readers who sent me cards and well wishes
I was reading
another blog today, and she addressed the stats on her site meter. Funny, I often look at mine to see when my readers stop by. The ones that come via Google are interesting. Usually they Google a popular product they've seen on TV , and end up with my post on the product. Some actually use Google search to get to my site. I find it interesting that the same people Google me everyday. I'm not talking about my Public Servant Lurkers who might be too paranoid to put me in their "favorites" either.

So, others? If you insist on Googling my site for whatever reason, here's a shortcut you may not know about.

When you enter "ask grandma j", just click on "I'm Feeling Lucky"....because you really are! That will open my website.....Of course you can leave a comment if you love me found that helpful.
Now, I want to say a few things about as seen on TV. Some of you know about my experience with the
ShamWow. Well, I've been following her purchase of the Debbie Meyer's Green Bags. The jury is still out on the Green Bags, so I will be checking to see how well they worked. Another product I was curious about was this: Aqua Watering Globes. Don't these look interesting? They are pretty too! I thought perhaps there might be a cheaper way of getting the same results without the ritzy, light reflecting glass globes. So I checked out these:

I guess the four pretty glass Aqua Globes are cheaper than one Turkey baster.


Anonymous said...

well aren't you a fount of informaion today! Good job.

I don't understand how one unit is six months and two is three months. That doesn't really make sense! I don't know about this doctor Bob!

Karen said...

Your Dr. Bob sounds like a funny guy. To Cortney, it was 6 weeks not months.
Anyway, can I baste my Turkey with an Aqua Water Globe? That would be a hoot, and a very elegant way to impress my MIL.

Rebeckah said...

What a totally great blog : ). Thanks for the smiles. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Sunday! I can't wait to read some of your product reviews. My son wants EVERY SINGLE thing he sees on infomercials on TV.

heartshapedhedges said...

So, can you clarify...if you dont have any fractures, then what is it that needs to heal?

btw, on your poll....

I dont mind dog parks, in fact, I wish dog owners would use them, rather than taking their dogs off leash at the "people" parks.

The beach, well, that is another story, I dont like dogs (and their poop) at the beach.

Grandma J said...

To HSH, Fractures aren't the ONLY type of injury that requires medical attention...or that are painful, like mine.
Dr. Bob told me that I was "wise" to seek medical attention.

Katrine said...

I'm sorry about your finger! My daughter hurt her little finger but we decided it was just bruised. Well, I guess she decided the pain was bad enough that she should go see the nurse. The nurse decided it was broken and she couldn't believe her mother let her go without taking her to the Dr. I was so embarrassed and sad that I had let Madison go to school with a broken finger. So I rushed her to the Dr. Several hours later, several X-rays later, and a lot of money later, the Dr told me her finger was bruised! Stupid nurse! I also have been wondering about the water globe things! I have one plant that balances on the edge of life because I forget to water it. How's that for a long comment? Sorry!

I Really Ought To Be Doing Something Else... said...

So have you tried the Aqua Globes? I am terribly intrigued by them...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

gj - I am totally behind the 8-ball. Thanks for listing me as your reader in your blog. I am honored!