Wednesday, July 23, 2008

with more words thrown in for flavor

Yesterday was supposed to be a productive day around the old homestead. I had to finalize and customize my cruise itinerary with the Cruise Personalizer online. I want to share my itinerary with Pumpkin Delight because she's going on a different cruise but we dock in the same ports. So I answer all the really important questions like, "do you want a robe in your cabin?" or "do you request a newspaper or a wheelchair?".

I also wanted to get a pedicure, then do some shopping for stuff I will never find in hell Central Texas.

I turn on the shower to get the hot water going, go potty, then jump in the la la la. Shampoo hair, la la la. I step out of the shower on to a wet floor...a soaking wet FLOODED FLOOR. My toilet overflowed and I had no clue because I flushed and immediately got in the shower.

I don't know what caused it, but I do know how to use a plunger..

and that's what I did. But no matter how hard I try, it doesn't do the job. I call the office here at the compound, and they tell me they will have a plumber out within an hour.

Two hours later, the plumber's not Josephine the Plumber but
Hobo Kelly the plumber! Imagine that? It made me wonder if Josephine became a clown.

The plumber lady tries to fixes the toilet. Then she tries again. Then she leaves, without saying good-bye.
Then she comes back with a new toilet! She installs it with the help of the compound's maintainence guy. This is the guy who destroyed my bird nest. Remember? By the time they finish up...the day is shot! I wash the bathroom floor, then take a nap.

Today, I'm getting a pedicure, then going shopping for stuff that I'll never find here in hell Central Texas.

Big Brother fans, don't forget to vote in my poll. Tonight is week two eviction!


Anonymous said...

You have SUCH an exciting life! :)

Caroline said...

There is nothing quiet like coming out of a nice hot then step in cold toilet water!!! You deserve a pedi after that!

sista #2 said...

Grandma....I hope you didnt go #2 before your shower......ewww.......

the other #2

Rebeckah said...

Wow. Never a dull moment. I am pretty impressed that your compound has people that can install a new toliet immediately. That is impressive. I think they should put that in the advertisements : ). Its an icky paperwork day for me, but as always, your story totally cheers me up! What color did you get on your toes?

jlo said...

Nothing is worse than appliances gone wrong.

Looking forward to you like anyone yet? I'm not too excited yet.

jlo said...

Oh, P.S. Totally jealous that you and Pumpkin are cruising together, but apart!!

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I suspect this toilet problem has been an issue in the complex if they we able to do it within the day. Hell, it would take my plumber (a.k.a. boyfriend)at least 3 days.
I know watching clowns makes me tired too.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK, this is gospel truth.

Just when I thought I would never laugh as hard at anything other than a Rita story, you have succeeded in making me laugh VERY loudly through most every single line of this the point that my son is coming down to check on me (again).

The only other comment I have to make is that if I were you I'd order the paper AND the wheelchair. Or in the wheelchair. Or whatever. Sit back, relax, have wheels on your chair and read the paper.

suz said...

You are TOO freakin' funny.
A day in your life....= bellylaughs....that = ab workout.
you are giving me a workout.

Jason said...

This bites. Both you AND Pumpkin Delight have invited me to go on this same cruise in the same month with the same ports, and I can't go with either one of yous.

I'm so bummed.

Sewer issues are really, really, really unpleasant. I know from lots of first hand experience. I'm not proud.