Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2


Ok, it was a bit sappy for me, and I guess I view things differently than I did at their age. What I mean is, things that seem the end of the world to them, seemed shallow to me. Not all of it, just the smaller issues.

The outcome of the different mini dramas were predictable. It's hard to review a movie where there are no twists and turns.

I think the one part that really touched me was when Bridget found a box full of letters and cards that her grandmother had sent her over the years, that she never knew about.
The movie was sweet, and touching. Maybe I would give it a 5 on a scale of 10. Still I'm glad I went. Besides, its right next to ATT and I stopped in to see Paul. I had a few questions about my new you-know-what.

Oh, and that pair of pants? Awesome!


Caroline said...

What!? No Hellboy II???? I'm disappointed...

Suzanne said...

I enjoyed it too. It is what it is. Not too deep, but just enough for the younger group. I still managed to cry. Not a huge feat, I do that at animated movies too.

Keeper Of All Things said...

My girls are wanting to see that movie.I want to see The Mummy....can't help myself LOVE LOVE LOVE Brendon Frazier!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK. You have a new laptop AND a You Know What? (No, CBW has no clue what, because CBW still uses dial-up internet and couldn't even use a mouse-less laptop on her vacation last week when offered it by a fellow blogger.)

Grandma J. has a bright future ahead in teaching people technology. Where people equals IDIOTS like me, at least in this particular arena.

I think we need to hear more about this burgeoning relationship with Paul. I'd like more details....surely there are stories to tell.

Unknown said...

Sorry Caroline, had to go with the majority.
Suz, I cried too over Bridget's story.
Keeper, it's perfect for young girls...in my opinion
CBW, I have to use a regular mouse with my laptop....AND I have to tape a piece of card stock over the touch pad, otherwise my curser had a mind of it's own. Is it curser or cursor....same difference, right? My you know what is a cell phone that lets me surf the internet with gps and a cherry on top. It's all greek to me.
Paul is just Paul. It's quite possible he reads this blog...
But It's all business, and I don't want to cause a rift with Nick. If you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it!